Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whiskers On Wednesday AND FO!!

A Whiskers On Wednesday me.......shocking I know.

Seems as though the cats haven't done anything (or sat still long enough) to get any pics for this post in awhile.

This picture just seems to describe these two to a "T".

Heidi being...well Heidi, just a big old duffus cat....doesn't care what she does or how she looks doing it....Bella (aka QUEEN Bella)...on the other hand is FAR too superior to be caught...ahem.....grooming any of the "unmentionable" might occasionally catch her delicately licking one of her dainty paws...but that is it. She is WAYYY too regal to indulge in anything so mundane as bathing in public....EGADS!!

Bella prefers to bask by herself in the sun, although Heidi frequently bashes her quiet time with such vulgar, public displays as below!! LOL!!

(Click on pic to enlarge for full effect)

AND.....there's a new Baby Mama in the hood!! Shortly after the baby birds left a NEW Mama bird staked her claim to the abandoned nest. She did a bit of housecleaning, brought in a bit of her own nesting material and has been on the nest ever since. Considering how high in the nest she is now sitting, I'm betting the eggs have hatched!!
Off my needles: The Nutkins socks.......still slowly, ever so slowly working on the Ophelia....but I am just not enjoying this knit!!
I'll post pics later.


Bubblesknits said...

I love Bella and Heidi. Such opposites. :-)

elizabeth said...

Yes! I want pics! Isn't Nutkin a great pattern?

StarSpry said...

Great picture! I love how Bella seems to be looking at Heidi with disdain :D

Sydney said...

LOL! I love that picture of Bella and Heidi.

KSee said...

Thank you for stopping by. I only see my torti Pia washing herself, Sissy never and that would be Sissy sitting in the sun. They are just so funny in their different behavior.

Emily said...

I love you, kitties. It's a good thing the bird nest is away from the windows, mama birds would feel mush less secure with furry faces leering at her...