Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I just can't stop with the socks.....I am totally hooked on socks. I think about other knitting....quite frequently...but just keep coming back to socks.

Here are My Top Ten Reasons for knitting socks.

10. They always fit!! (Compliments of Laura)

9. Shopping for sock yarn is stress free....you typically buy one skein, no calculating yardage, weight, etc.

8. Portable, you can shove in your purse and take ANYWHERE.

7. There are unlimited sock yarns available.

6. There are unlimited sock patterns available.

5. Shopping for a new sock project is WAY cheaper than shopping for a new sweater project. (Edited 5-27-09, Emily brought up an EXCELLENT point......MORE opportunities to wear socks in Alabama than sweaters)!! SO TRUE :) :)

4. Socks save energy.....wearing woolen socks keeps your feet warm and warm feet = warm body = lower thermostat setting!

3. The money you save on your power bill allows for extra sock yarn purchases!

2. Knitting socks in public creates quite a stir.....especially when knitting with DPN's.

1. And the NUMBER ONE reason I like knitting socks........it makes me happy!!!!!.

Nutkins knit with Frances Patrick sock yarn, Deepest Forest color.

Bubblewrap socks by Sock Bug!! What a FUN knit!! Knit with The Unique Sheep sock yarn, Geranium color.


Suzanne B said...

I love the socks! And that is a great top 10 list. No wonder we are such good friends!

Sydney said...

All excellent reasons to knit socks!

Nice socks! The bubblewrap socks are my favorites.

Bubblesknits said...

I agree with Suzanne. Just call us the Three Sockateers. ::snort:: That was bad wasn't it? lol

Emily said...

Three cheers for socks!

You forgot that there are more chances to wear wool socks in AL than there are to wear wool sweaters!

Sarah said...

You're just a sockaholic!!!!! I'm glad, though, because since you knit so many socks and I knit none (sockaphobia is still alive and well here) it maintains balance in the sock universe.

Doogle Knits said...

cute list

Sara said...

I still need help knitting socks that fit, but I agree with everything else!

elizabeth said...

They look great!

Can you believe that I have LOST my second sock I was knitting for my mother! It's either at Chuck E. Cheese or Villa Fiesta. Or in another dimension. I'm bummed!