Monday, May 18, 2009

An Unsolicited Plug For Woolgirl.Com

Indulge me.....because sometimes a girl has just got to share!!

First of all......If you haven't heard of Your Heart and get over there ASAP!!!

I am not sure if I found Jennifer's blog first or her shop ,, but both are so wonderfully entertwined I guess it doesn't matter which came first!!

I have shopped a lot.... a LOT..... I meant to say a LOT of yarn shops in the past few years.....and just felt like I would be remiss if I didn't take a minute or two to share what a wonderful experience it is to shop with Jennifer!!

Jennifer's blog is a joy to read, her pictures are always very enticing, her photographic skills show yarn, knittng projects as well as non knitting related subjects all to their best advantage!! Not to mention, as a Schnauzer owner ....I am always tickled to see pictures of Abby, Jennifer's schnauzer!!

Don't get me wrong, when the mailman throws a box of yarn on the front porch and rings the heart always picks my DOOR...Woo Hoo!!! BUT......when you order from Woolgirl you are always in for a treat!!

Despite knowing what I have ordered, it is so much fun to open the box!! Everything is individually and carefully wrapped in colorful tissue paper, enveloped in a clear plastic sheath and tied with a colorful, shiny, classy gift, waiting to be peeled open, layer by layer!!

The joy I get from "opening" a package from Woolgirl just can't be beat!! There is always a hand written note and a special "treat" included with the might be wonderful chocolates, a beautiful stitch marker, but ALWAYS something yummy and/or useful!!

Despite the state of the economy, I am blessed enough to be able to indulge my desire to buy yarn from time to time....(albeit not like I have in the past)...but you can rest assured that when I is my first choice to shop!!! The obvious care and time that goes into each package I have received is GREATLY appreciated and should be duly noted that this is one business that truly cares about their customers!!

Today I received a surprise package from!!!

The Woolgirl Club!!!!! You won't believe the page long list of "perks" of being a club member!!

A really GREAT bag!!! (And what knitter doesn't love a bag??)....tape measure, sticky pad (great for holding your place in a pattern)....highlighter/ink pen, note cards, stitch marker, AND.......Unique Sheep sock yarn with pattern!!! OH MY.....the yarn is the most BEAUTIFUL shade of periwinkle which just happens to be my most favorite color!!!!!!

Now.....GO.....SHOP!!!!!!!!!!! Do your part to stimulate the economy!!


Milly said...

Thank you for sharing, I hadn't heard of Woolgirl before now, and so excited about her website.

Suzanne B said...

Awesome Package! I'm so jealous!

Bubblesknits said...

Isn't she the best? :-) Love, love, love getting some Woolgirl packages in the mail.