Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend In Review

It was a funny (not in a ha ha kind of funny).....sort of weekend. Like being here....but not really....just a strange feeling.

We attended a wake for a friend we had not seen in several years, on the very day he would have turned 55.

Dodged some very bad weather on Sunday.....with a bit of knitting thrown into the mix.

Nutkins Socks: Knit with Frances Patrick sock yarn in Deepest Forest ( you thought I had already lost the ballband)!

And NEVER underestimate the amount of time it takes for an old, arthritic, BLIND, dog to sniff out the bag of trash and COMPLETELY destroy it!!!!
Thank goodness for floor steamers!!!


Doogle Knits said...

Ahhh, Max. It's good to see he's still got some mischief in him.

Bubblesknits said...

There's no way that was my sweet Max. It must have been the cats. ;-) Loving the socks, too, btw.

Sara said...

Except for the knitting part, your weekend doesn't sound so great. Hope the next one is better.

wendy g said...

Great socks. I must remember the pattern.
As Bubblesknits said- it must be the cats.

Suzanne B said...

Haven't you heard the story where the cats do it and blame the dog??

Love the socks!