Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year.........I'm Baaaack!!!

Woo Hoo.....resident Geek Hubby finally got my computer back up and running!! (always good to have a resident geek)!

I would like to say a big thank you to all the many friends that sent EM while my computer was "down and out". It makes me feel very good to know that so many of you care!!

I feel like I have arrived after the ball....I missed all the holiday blog posts!!!

In a Nutshell:

We had the annual baking of the pumpkin pies.....Princess Cupcake made all the pies......she is as tall as I am now and about all I'm good for now is to keep her company while she reads the recipe, gathers the incredients and sets about baking....well....except for the clean up part.....she graciously allows me to do that part!!! LOL!!

Bella still likes to help out in the Kitchen when she can "sneak" the time in!!

Bella loves the tiny bit of warmth given off by the Christmas I let her enjoy her time.

It only took Heidi a few days to wrestle an ornament off the tree.....but then she was satisfied.....the tree survived despite the aftermath of needles on the floor!!

Presents were given and well loved!!

Some were easily bored and found new ways to enjoy their toys! (we threw away the bag).

New Year's Eve found Cindy and I spinning the new year in while the guys held down the fort.

Hmmm....this spinning in the new year may have to be a new tradition for us!!

GREAT evening, the food was great as well...but best of all.....the friendship just can't be beat!!

I did get a lot of knitting while my computer was down.....

7 Scarves

3 pairs of Fuzzy Feet

2 Hats

1 Tam

And a Partridge in a pear tree.......(just kidding)! LOL!!

My typical New Year's Day!!!!

Ahhhh............ready for 2009 and hoping it is a great one for everyone!!


tonni said...

WELCOME BACK!!! Happy New Year!!! It's good to see you starting off the new year blogging :)

Love the sheepy PJ's. Spinning in the new year sounds wonderful!

Doogle Knits said...

Happy New Year! I've missed your posts. Still totally jealous that I'm not closer.

Bubblesknits said...

Happy New Year! I can't believe how old Princess Cupcake is getting! Wow!

I love the pic of the crockpot cat. lol

grace said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Next post better be pictures of all that knitting you did!

LOVE the matching jammies!

elizabeth said...

Yay! You're back!!! I was thinking of you today! I know what it's like to not be able to blog - no fun at all!

Happy New Year!

The Yarn Nut said...

Oh Lord! We should have put some lipstick on. LOl!

Holly said...

Yay your back! Way to go hubby! Happy New Years and I love the matching pajamas.

Suzanne B said...

I love the matching PJs!!

Emily said...

Happy happy happy New Year! I was getting really freaked out by the long absence!!

Crock Pot Kitty is my favorite.

Milly said...

sounds awesome!
Love the matching pj's and spinning wheels!

Sydney said...

Happy New Year! Welcome back. I love crock-pot kitty Bella. :) Spinning in the new year sounds like a good plan to me.

Monica said...

Glad to hear you're back and booming! LOVE the kitty shots, that one with the lights is gorgeous but I think that Crock Pot Kitty is my fave!

I like your spinning in the new year idea too. With pyjamas!