Monday, November 17, 2008

No Posts For Awhile

My home computer crashed....lost pretty much everything. I lost all the many, many blogs I had in my favorites, all my saved patterns as well as links to blogs with patterns....just lost it all.

Why didn't we have a back up you wonder???? We DO...or DID. For some reason, Windows will NOT allow us to use the back up....everything is completely and totally messed up!!! AND....that neat little feature that XP Professional has that when you have a problem allows you to "simply" choose a previous date when all worked and back up to that date and start over???? Didn't work!

Until the hubby has time to get the hard drive wiped out and all the software loaded I won't be posting. Boo HOO!!!!!! Which with the holidays it may be awhile.

I am SICK about losing all the hundreds of wonderful blog links!!!

Hmmm.....I wonder how much of my stash I would have to sell in order to buy a MAC?
Did I mention how much I LOATHE WINDOWS operating system???? XP Professional version to be specific???

If you don't hear from me for awhile, please drop me an EM....because my database was lost too and I have to start over from scratch on that too!!!!

Me :)


grace said...

Oh no! That's so horrible! I hope you get a shiny new Mac for Christmas.

Bubblesknits said...

Oh no. I was hoping some of it could be salvaged. :-( Stupid computers.

sprite said...

Oh, that totally sucks!!! Good luck!

Emily said...

Nooooo! I am so sorry!

Maybe it wouldn't take so much sock yarn to get a refurb Mac?

Bibby said...

Sorry for your loss!!!

On a lighter note, think of all the knitting you'll get done.

Marguerite said...

Having gone through the same computer mess (yes, it was with XP) two months ago, it's all fresh in my mind and I can give you proper sympathy.

When you do get it back, all your settings will be back to default as well as losing all your Favorites. It's totally awful, but at least it sounds like you don't have to pay for someone to fix it.

sydney said...

Oh that sucks! Well you'll have more time for knitting and spinning.

Doogle Knits said...

Did you get my EM?

Life's a Stitch said...

Poor you. One of those frustrations that didn't used to exist. The cost of living in a modern world :(