Monday, November 10, 2008


Evil Temptress Suzanne was bragging about the Malabrigo sock yarn and of course being the good follower that I am had to give it a try myself!

O.M.G. This has GOT to be THE softest sock yarn I have EVER touched!!!! I knit my sister a pair of Alpaca socks last year and I do believe this is softer!!!

I can't WAIT to get started on a pair of socks!!

BUT.........imagine my surprise when I received a LARGE box in the mail from The Loopy Ewe!!! Turns out......I'm now a LOOPY GROUPIE!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Inside was the Loopy Ewe tote bag,

BEAUTIFUL sock pattern, chocolate kisses, AND....Araucania sock yarn!!!

The picture doesn't do the sock yarn is deep brown/turquoise.

My sister LOVES this Vera Bradley color/pattern and this sock yarn looks as if it were dyed to'm thinking a pair of socks for my sis are in order!!

On My Needles: Socks X several, Fuzzy Feet
Off My Needles: One pair of Fuzzy Feet, hat for my nephew, baby gift.
ABOUT to be on my needles: Fuzzy Feet (third and final pair for now), cap and scarf set for nephew, 3 Ladies scarves for Christmas gifts, socks for my sister, and hopefully that is IT for Christmas knitting!!!


elizabeth said...

Yes, that Suzanne IS an enabler, isn't she!?! I still like her, though. :o)

Nice score!

sydney said...

Nice yarn! I love the colors in the Malabrigo!

Theresa said...

Now that's positive reinforcement to keep shopping there!

Bubblesknits said...

Congrats on Loopy Groupie status!!! :-) I might (MIGHT) admit to having a bit of Malabrigo sock yarn in my present company. *looks sheepish*

*har...sheepish...get it?*

pjbknit said...

Yeah, Suzanne made me pre-order Malabrigo sock yarn in Caribeno. hee hee

Kathy said...

I think i love the velvet grapes!