Monday, January 05, 2009

It's MONDAY!!!

Which of course, means it is WASH DAY!!!

21 pairs of dirty socks to be washed!!!

Heidi just LOVES to sit by patiently while I hang the socks on the rack above the washer/dryer.....wait until I have completed the job and left the room. THEN......she loves to see how many single socks she can knock behind the W/D while leaving it's mate on the hanger!! SOOO glad I can be a source of entertainment for my cat!! My life is complete now.

I have GOT to come up with a better method to dry socks!!!


grace said...

Use clothes pins to hang them up. Then it'll be harder for her to knock them down. Impressive socks, missy!

Bubblesknits said...

lol I can see her doing that.

I use one of those sweater racks, but I don't guess that would be any better.

elizabeth said...

I use pant hangers and clip one sock per clippy-thingy.

Love all those socks!

Sydney said...

I dry mine on one of those wood drying racks but the cat still knocks them down.