Friday, January 16, 2009

Rings of Fire and Baby It's COLD Outside!!!

Henny Penny is helping display the first Burning Rings of Fire sock.

I really wish I could find the ballband that was with this yarn. It knits like a DREAM!!

I have cast on for the mate as well as another Ring of Fire sock in some STR for a friend of mine. I'll post when I have more of that to show.

That brings a total of 3 socks on my needles.....but the day is young, stay tuned!! LOL!!

It is C.O.L.D. !!!! Heidi has no problem with cold weather, she will paw at the door to go outside...even this morning!! She loves to sit in the cold....of course in addition to her fur coat she has a "blubber" coat so the cold has little to no effect on her. Poor Bella is cold all the time. She is light as a feather and absolutely no fat on her body for insulation. Even to the touch she feels cool......year round. She will follow the sun around the house throughout the day so I decided to help out a bit with a down filled throw for her to use. Needless to say she loves it!!! This may be her new bed!!

The high today here is 31.....I may join Bella before the day is over!!!! BRRRRRR.


Bubblesknits said...

Can I cuddle with Bella, too? I'm freezing! And hubby thinks we should go get in the hot tub tonight. Not a bad idea, but it's the walk down there that's so cold. Brrrr.

elizabeth said...

That Bella is one pretty cat!

I'm headed to Indiana this weekend where it was -3 yesterday, so I'm not going to complain about Alabama's "cold." :o)

Holly said...

It is very cold outside, especially walking in the walk ways at work today, they had the air (not heat)on. Hope they saved a penny.

Emily said...

Ours just gravitate to the bed and sleep in a big wad when it's cold! And it is COLD so there is not a lot of room in the bed for people.

Sydney said...

Katie follows me around so she can sleep on my lap. If I'm not around, then she'll curl up on the bed.