Monday, January 12, 2009

Wham Tam Thank You Ma'am!!

The Last FO of 2008!!!

And the first FO of 2009!!!

So very, similar, but ever so slightly different colors.

Strangly enough, the two balls of noro used each looked quite different, yet when knit, look very much alike.

Also on my needles:

SOCKS........(shocking I know!) LOL!!

In digging through my stash I ran across this yarn. I have NO idea what yarn it is, content, etc. as the ballband wasn't with the yarn.

The pattern is the Burning Rings of Fire by Kristen Kapur.


Isn't this CUTE????

That's all I'm saying.....stay tuned!!!!


elizabeth said...

That is the best blog post title ever! Love those tams, you'll be able to wear one this week!

Anita said...

The Tams turned out just great!! Love your sock yarn too, such pretty colors!!

Sydney said...

Love the tams and the blog title! The mystery object is intriguing.

Bubblesknits said...

Still liking your background or do you want me to wham bam you again? lol I LOVE the tams!!! Gorgeous work!

And where did you get the burning rings of fire pattern? I guess I can google it. lol

Suzanne B said...

The tams look GREAT!! I love the unknown sock yarn. It is purdy!

Holly said...

I love the tam! I like the Burning Rings of fire. Very pretty!

Life's a Stitch said...

Love the tam - it looks perfect.

Anonymous said...

The tams are impressive. Great job. Nice socks too