Wednesday, December 27, 2006

WAIT!! Where Did Christmas Go?

O.K............... What happened to Christmas?

WHERE did it GO?

I worked in a constant state of frenzy, choosing gifts,shopping, wrapping, baking, in general just running amok in sea of stress induced "festivities".......running to and fro, multi-tasking WAY too much!!

I didn't enjoy a single leisurely evening by the fire looking at the tree, didn't see a single Christmas movie, everything was too rushed! WAHHH! I want a "re-do"!!!! of may now sit down!!!

Sooooo.......on to more exciting news!!

My nephew won a scholarship to study in Spain for three months. Half way into his visit his girlfriend flew to Paris to spend a long weekend. Isn't that just the most romantic thing???? But to make it even better............he PROPOSED to her...........IN PARIS!!!!

Brent phoned her father a couple of weeks before he planned to propose......(very impressed that he was old fashioned enough to phone for her "hand" before popping the question). I'll have to verify the exact spot and post a pic at a later date. Brent loves the history of all the places he visits and had researched an appropriate place to propose......which turned out to be a particular fountain at a palace of some kind......there was a specific reason for this fountain (again, I was so overjoyed I lost some of the details).......but after a very eloquent speach, he dropped to one knee and proposed!!!! All this from the kid who is the world's biggest "ham".......who's conversations are peppered with "sweet", "dude", and "cool".....but considering how he writes I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised. Check out his blog that he started while in Spain....unfortunately internet service was the pitts so he only has a few entries.....he is going to download his pics and complete the blog in the next few weeks. His last entry is the most incredible one....check it out:

Back to Christmas: Brent brought me back some tea that he purchased at a Moroccan market and smells absolutely HEAVENLY.....I can't wait to try it! He also brought me some sassafrass, which is more per ounce than gold right now!! AND......some sherry from Spain!!

I have more pics to post but blogger is mad at me right now and will NOT let me post additional pictures!!!


Doogle Knits said...

WOW, that's exciting news and what an amazing location. They'll never forget that moment.

It does seem like the holidays always fly by. Maybe next year you can take more time to sit by the tree and watch classic movies. I'm going to get started on next year's knitted gifts today. We'll see how long it lasts.

Cookie said...

How wonderful!

If it helps any, I've been under a cat, knitting and watching movies for I'm not sure how long now. I should be ashamed, right? /hides

Sydney said...

Oh, how romantic!

Christmas goes by way too fast considering all the preparation most of us put into it.

Anonymous said...

Exciting times :)

(I want to spend Christmas with cookie next year)

Diane said...

Your nephew is very cool. His girlfriend will remember that trip forever.