Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Vintage Christmas!

I have talked to Santa and told him what a good girl I have been this year......or at least I have TRIED to be a good girl!! LOL!!!

I told Santa I would love to have some lovely sock yarn, (because you can never have too much sock yarn), maybe a gift certificate to my favorite yarn stores so I can look forward to "shopping" the sales, a trip to Tuscaloosa or Montgomery are always fun!!

Who knows......we'll just have to see!

Not much knitting right now....but I DO have a surprise coming tomorrow!!!

I heard Becky is planning a trip and invited her to stop by to break up the know so she won't be so tired when she reaches her destination, and you know there is ALWAYS the possibility of a freak snowstorm in Alabama in early December and she really needed a place to stay just in case, oh and all the traffic....NEVER a good idea to drive after dark.....and....and......then there is that thing with map quest being wrong and me needing to give her detailed driving instructions so she won't end up in Podunk....instructions that just couldn't possibly be put down on an email....well......she finally said YES......oh I can't wait.....I'll have my very own knitting guru as my hostage....I mean as my GUEST.....I have already started pulling out all those projects I need "help" with!! Poor thing.....I better set the alarm before bedtime so she doesn't sneak out in the dead of night!! LOL!!!

And on closer inspection of this pic it would appear I was in my "I can cut my own bangs thank you very much phase"!! LOL!!!


Paula said...

Cute picture, my bangs looked similar with my cowlick and waves anyway. I asked Santa for Knitpicks interchangable needle set

Beck in FL said...

That is just a precious photo. My mom used to cut my bangs just that short. I think it was the style back in the dark ages girl! lol (showing our ages there)

I'm looking forward to our visit. You may need to have something chocolate for us after dinner in case I run out of energy after all that problem solving you have planned! GRIN Just teasing... Well not about the chocolate though! See ya tomorrow.

Doogle Knits said...

toooo cute! I hope Santa is good to you this year. Everyone seems disappointed when they ask what I'd like for xmas and I say knitting needles, yarn, etc. I don't know why they bother to ask. :-) Everyone knows you can never have too much yarn.

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Of course there is choclolate....ALWAYS a stash somewhere....what self respecting fat girl WOULDN'T have a stash of chocolate!!??!!

Sydney said...

Great picture! Hopefully Santa will have lots of yarn and knitting gifts in his bag for you. Have fun with Becky!

tonni said...

Such a precious picture! Tell Becky hi for me and hopefully I'll be over this crud the next time she comes through town! I told my "Santa" that he could visit the yarn shop in NC if he needed some ideas on what to bring me for Christmas :)

Diane said...

You could totally tell you were a professional bang cutter at such a young age. My mom use to cut my bangs when I was a child ..... I'm still in therapy over it. LOL.

Bibby said...

That is the most precious picture & I know you cherish it in spite of the bang thing & all.

My grandmother told me once that if I let her cut my bangs (which I liked to wear hanging over my eyes) that she would take me to New York for Easter. Well guess what....I let her cut my bangs. They looked like someone had taken pinking shears to them. I'm still waiting on that trip & will ask her about it when I get to the other side!!!!!

Melissa said...

Love the picture. I had a time in my life where I tried that too. LOL!
Hope you have fun with your hostage..err...guest.
Thanks for dropping by my blog!

ginger said...

Aren't you a precious thing!? I love it!

BTW, Bibby, your story about being bribed with NYC is too funny!!