Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas In Closing

Here are a couple of great books my Mother gave me for Christmas! I love the Southern Living cookbooks! I used to collect them yearly but soon discovered they took up WAY too much room, so I donated them among friends and the library and will now limit myself to collect them one every 10 years, starting with the year I was married.

Mother also gave me this GREAT knitting book! (The second knitting book she has given me that I had never seen!).....I love them all!!

I did manage to snap a pic of Max opening his Christmas present.....Gracie always gets a sparkly ball but getting a pic of her would require a video! LOL!!

AND......napping with his new toy!

I know most folks start diets in January.....come to think of it so do I.....but I allow the treat of Saturday morning Belgium Waffles with Maple Syrup (when time allows) I made my annual pilgrimage to Williams Sonoma for their waffle mix.....which after trying every waffle mix on the market have come to the conclusion that it is the absolute BEST.....worth EVERY penny!! The Maple syrup is really good too and I love the bottle! While I was there I picked up myself a snappy red hand mixer!! (On sale!!). I don't know HOW I have managed all these years without a hand mixer!!

I managed to finish the Irish Hiking scarf for my husband's nephew who is in Montreal for the New Year's Holiday....knit with the Cascade 220 Tweed in a great dark mossy green color. I also knit another scarf for his friend in the Cascade 220 Tweed in a great dark tobacco/brown color. I wanted something with a pattern but quick to knit so I adapted a "warshrag" pattern and was GOING to post a pic but blogger won't allow me to post anymore pictures! I'll see if I can post later today. I also bought some really pretty, soft, pink Alpaca to make a scarf for a nephew's girlfriend to wear while walking between classes at Auburn......but I ran out of time so I'll have to get this in the mail as soon as I get it made.

AND.....I have started a pair of socks in some GREAT yarn that Tonni gave me a few months back. I'll also post that later today too......if the great Blogger will allow it!!


Rebekah said...

Love the puppy pictures! looks like a fun toy for him.

I haven't seen that book either. Can't wait to see what you make from it.

sydney said...

Max looks like he's thoroughly enjoying his gift! :) I haven't seen that knitting book either but it looks interesting.

sydney said...

Max looks like he is thoroughly enjoying his Christmas gift. I have seen that knitting book either. It looks very interesting.

Paula said...

I love the red mixer! The puppy photos were cute too.