Thursday, December 21, 2006

Last Minute Shopping and Gifts!!

What a DAY!!!

I have been busy, putting off shopping for those last few gifts and decided since Christmas is down to "hours" away from being here I would go out today and try to finish up......and TRY to see if I could pick up some Christmas Spirit along the way.

Tonni and I met at the local Williams Sonoma for a few minutes so I could return some needles I had borrowed, give her my swatch and a book I had ordered for her. I was so tickled when Tonni handed me not ONE but TWO presents!!! I wasn't expecting anything and was so excited I must admit!!

Tonni is a true wine connoisseur. I have had some of the MOST incredible wine while visiting her in the past and now I have my very own bottle!! What a wonderful treat and I am going to save it till after the holidays when I can have a bit of time to sit back, relax and truly appreciate such a nice bottle of wine!!

I was SOOO tickled to get this calendar!!! (Whoda thunk getting a calendar would be so exciting?). I bought the same calendar and gave as a fact almost kept it for myself but decided I could always get one for myself later on.......and low and behold I received one!!! I am going to rake off a spot on my desk and look forward to having something new every day to read!! Thanks so much Tonni! I treasure your friendship more than you'll ever know!!!

I also did a bit of shopping at Williams Sonoma, which is my MOST favorite store in the whole world!! I worked part time at WS for a few years and have never had a job that was more fun in all my life!!! Unfortunately I never made a dime.....spent every single penny I earned and then some......but I SURE did have fun!!!! I'll have to post pics of my WS loot later. Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to me!! LOL!!!

Thanks for all the comments on my cable scarf......will block it later tonight and post pics tomorrow.

I ran by the LYS to pick up a skein of yarn to match one I bought a few days back (didn't look at the was deceptively large looking)......I ended up buying quite a few skeins of half price yarn......will post that tomorrow too.

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday night......hmmmm......what's this???? I think I may accidentally be feeling a bit of Holiday Spirit going on here!!! Either that or retail therapy! LOL!!


Sydney said...

Nice presents! William Sonoma is one of my favorite stores too. If I'm not careful, I could go wild in there.

Life's a Stitch said...

Oh to have a Williams Sonoma nearby!