Monday, November 20, 2006

Why IS a Sweater!!!

Can't you just SEE the gorgeous sweater this yummy periwinkle/denim blue silk tweed yarn will make??

Everyone will be SOOOO impressed!! I can just hear it now....oh is the most beautiful sweater in the WORLD.....where can I buy one? WHAT? You say you MADE this beautiful sweater??? You mean it is a one of a kind, original, knitted by you sweater????? M.U.S.T. have one of these most perfect sweaters......I'll pay....BIG bucks, maybe even clean your house for a year!!

Ahhh, it is such a happy little place in my head!! LOL!!!

Fact is......I am already nervous about this sweater project.

I like the short n sweet, immediate gratification projects. (Hmmm....wonder what this says about me?).

Remember my vest I posted about......oh..... several months ago? The one that I have never finished because it requires too much thinking and that I have put aside for "one of these days" in case of emergency and I can't get out to buy yarn for any other projects and I am FORCED to finish the vest or have nothing to knit at all??? Yep.....I have obligated myself to a sweater....with sleeves.....have I lost COMPLETE control of my mind????

Tonni showed me a sweater she made the last time I visited with her and it was SOOOO pretty, I was caught up in the moment when she told me how easy it was to make and that we should make one......that's all it took!! LOL!! Tonni even found the yarn......on CLOSE out was fate!!! She also has a sweater wizard program and created a pattern for me based on my measurements......(which we will NOT discuss)!

Now the pressure is on! The sweater will be a "simple" (reserving judgment on this term for later) knit pattern, raglan sleeves, K2,P2 ribbing at the sleaves and waistband. Sounds simple, but I have this little problem with gauge. You would think after knitting for 2 years I would be able to knit'll see how this sweater project turns out......but it will be fun and good experience!!

I'll keep you posted!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!! LOL!!!


Doogle Knits said...

Ahhhh . . . sleeves. The horror of it all. The incredible amount of patience it takes to knit them. Is it worth it? Probably. I'm sure your sweater will turn out great. Can't wait to see it!!!

Beck in FL said...

You've inspired me girl. I'm actually thinking of knitting a sweater too! I need to get out of the shawl/sock rut I know.

Love the yarn you chose. So pretty!

tonni said...

Yep, i'm right there with you Becky - in the sock/shawl rut :)

ginger said...

That yarn is *beautiful*! I know you can do it!!

RheLynn said...

Pretty yarn! Keeping my fingers crossed for you - you can do it!

wendy g said...

I love the yarn that you picked out for your sweater and I know you can do it!!