Friday, November 17, 2006

It's Latetoberfest Socks!!

I believe this is the last picture I posted of my Octoberfest socks!!

Now I bring you..........drum roll please...........................

TA DA!!!! I present my Latetoberfest Socks!!! (Previously named Socktoberfest Socks but since it is almost Thanksgiving I have renamed them)! LOL!! I actually finished these socks last weekend but just now getting around to getting them posted.

I have a mental block about doing a swatch and these socks ended up sort of loose. Last night at Chicks with Sticks I ripped out a sock that was too I'm just thinking here that there is a REASON why labels list the gauge! LOL!! I don't know WHY I have such an aversion to knitting a swatch!! Does everyone knit a swatch? Maybe I just haven't made enough pairs of socks to "know" what size needle to use to get the result I want.

I have some GORGEOUS yarn I received as a gift from Tonni that I am DYING to get started on but I think I'll make one more pair.....I still end up having to darn certain spots on my socks before I can wear them and I would like to be able to knit a PERFECT pair of socks with it!

Sock Data:
Fearless Fibers Yarn...(found on Ebay)
100% Superwash Merino Wool
Colorway: October
Knit on size 3 Knitpicks Circular needles.
Knit 2 Purl 2 Ribbing


tonni said...

Congratulations on finishing your pair of October socks! Love the colors (maybe that's why I have a pair almost the same).

Your are doing great!

Emily said...

They look like fall leaves (we don't really get that down heree but I've seen pictures). Your Socky Skills are really moving right along! I am pretty religious about swatching because knitting is a lot of work just to end up with something that doesn't fit. Great Gran thinks I am neurotic - she HATES to swatch.

Beck in FL said...

The socks look great girl!

Life's a Stitch said...

Very nice socks. I find that the only ones that stay up for me are ones with k2 p2 ribbing.

RheLynn said...

Yay! Congratulations! I like the way the colour bands across the foot.

wendy g said...

Very nice pair of socks!

Paula said...

Beauti-mous socks! I love the Trekking. I don't think any sock yarn labels list the right gauge. I hate swatches too, but I have learned my lesson