Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Hate My Swatch!!

I would like to go on record right now.......I do NOT like to swatch!!!
I do not like to swatch at night, I do not like to swatch in the morning, I do NOT like to swatch AT ALL!!

!!! How BORING can you get?????

Not to mention my swatch is a slap in my face that I knit different gauge at different times of the day (aka stress level). I already KNEW (thank you very much) that I don't knit consistently!! NOW I have this, this, spitefull little block of yarn that just GLARES at me with it's different gauge!!!! Mocking me!!!

Now before you get worried that I have anger "issues".....let me just say here.......I think anger when applied correctly is a GOOD thing.....remember how mad I was at my first sock attempt? It was my anger at not letting that stupid ball of string and a handful of sticks get the best of me....and see where it got me? I am now a sock knitter.......improving with each pair!!

I got really angry when a friend was robbed while shopping at a local store and the management did nothing to insure the safety of future shoppers.....so I rallied up a group, we complained to the home office and the store was forced to hire a security guard or risk losing business......I believe the owners of the Food World chain of grocery stores received around 100 phone calls that day!!! When applied correctly anger can be a great motivator for good!! (stepping off my soapbox now).

I guess what I am saying is that I will embrace my swatch anger and put it to good use......right after I put band-aids on my sore finger tips......Love those Knit Pick needles but MAN are those points sharp for this tight, tight knitter!!!!

Update later on the swatch/sweater!!


tonni said...

You can do it! Let's cheer Darlene on! Go Darlene, Go Darlene!!! You can swatch, you can swatch! Go Darlene!

Diane said...

I hate to swatch too but it's a necessary evil. Lovely yarn choice for a beautiful sweater. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

RheLynn said...

I let the cats have the swatch when I'm done and then they're happy and all that time doesn't go to waste ;o)

wendy g said...

Like Tonni and Diane said you can do it!