Monday, October 02, 2006

YIPPEE It's Soctober!!!!!

I am SOOOOO happy it is FINALLY Socktober.....I mean OCTOBER!!!!

I just love OCTOBER!!!

I love all the pumpkins, gourds, mums, all the fall decorations that spring up around town and in neighbors yards! I love to see the colors of the trees as they change....never fails to make me happy!!! I love nothing better than being outside on a crisp, cool fall day and have the wind suddenly blow creating "leaf rain"!! Visiting the local produce stand for all the great apples!!

Oh wait.....I live in Alabama and it is usually in the 80's...hmmm must be thinking of November...oh well.....STILL love October!!!!!!!!!! The temperature is cool somewhere and the leaves are turning!!!

And I can't forget my favorite holiday...Halloween!!! Even though we don't get a single trick-or-treater here in the "woods" I still enjoy it!! (One year when Princess Cupcake was younger I made a spook house in my attic for her!! But alas, she is too old for such foolishness now)! Boo Hoo!

I must admit that I watch Charlie Brown' Great Pumpkin every year and I have a copy of the original Halloween that I enjoy watching......this was the first scary movie I ever saw at the theater....and it was a drive-in at that.....especially frightening!!! Of course now it is silly, cheesy, but the campiness of it makes it all the more fun to watch!!

I am excited to be a part of socktoberfest!!!! I purchased the yarns shown above from Ebay.....took a chance. I couldn't believe something so cheap could actually be nice but I was pleasantly surprised!! The yarn is a dk weight which I think I like fingering weight better but I couldn't pass on these!! The one on the left is appropriately named "October" and the one on the right is "Autumn". The Autumn yarn was disapointing in the color but then again it was quite inexpensive and I can use it to make DH a pair of know how guys just love dull, drab colors....besides he is color blind so he'll never know the difference!! The colors of the October yarn make up for the Autumn yarn!!

I will probably only get one pair of socks made for Soctoberfest so I'll be using the October yarn, not sure if I will rib or straight knit the body of the sock (that is the only two patterns I know).....but I'm looking forward to finishing DH Blue Suede sock so I can get started on the Socktober/October sock!

Looking forward to seeing all the Socktoberfest participants contributions!!!


tonni said...

These look like yarn that I was watching on ebay... I love the one on the left.

RheLynn said...

Oh such pretty pretty yarn colours! FearlessFibers does great colours, doesn't she?

ginger said...


Ohmygoodness! I love that!!

Diane said...

Such "fall" yarn. Don't you just love ebay?