Sunday, October 22, 2006

WOW, What A Weekend!!

Ginger and her DH had two extra tickets to see CATS on Friday Night and invited Johnny and I to join them. I immediatly "nixed" Johnny going with me and asked if they minded if I brought Princess Cupcake instead! (Montana recently got her first kitten so she was especially excited to see a play about cats!!!

This was Montana's first Broadway Play and she was sooooooo excited!!! We had AWESOME seats, very close to the stage!!

Ginger has got to be one of the most genuinely thoughtful, kind people I have had the joy of knowing!!

Ginger met Montana for the first time at the play and true to her sweet spirit she presented Montana with her very own pair of kitty ears on a headband to with sequins....which matched her outfit and you would have thought she was wearing her very own "tiara"!! LOL!! Absolutely made Montana's evening!!!! (Oh Ginger if you could only hear Montana talking about you while we stood in line during intermission! You have a new fan!! LOL!!

SATURDAY, Tonni was gracious enough to share a good part of her afternoon helping me work out my latest "issues" I have had with knitting socks on circulars!!

What could be better than sharing an afternoon knitting with a good friend!!

We shared some AWESOME Wine from Tonni's collection along with some really good cheese and crackers!! Not to mention all the little "purls" of wisdom she shared with me about sock knitting.....little things I would never think about but make a big difference to the finished sock!! (I hope I can remember them all!!) LOL!! Gee.....I would REALLY hate to have to go back for another afternoon of knitting lessons!!! LOL!!!

I was so surprised and touched when Tonni gave me this gorgeous skein of Blue Moon sock yarn!!!! Aren't the colors GREAT??!! This will be my first experience with knitting with such nice yarn!! I was so tickled.....and a little embarrassed because all I brought her were some plastic bags to store yarn in!! LOL!!!

Tonni, it's very humbling to me to know I was thought of and VERY MUCH appreciated!!

I have a couple of socks to finish up and hopefully by then I'll be worthy of knitting with such nice yarn!!! Tonni knits the most incredible socks and if I can be just HALF as good a knitter as she is I will really think I have accomplished something!!! (She also showed me a sweater she knit that I absolutely loved!!! Ragland oversized sweater with a single cable down the shoulder and arm.....REALLY NICE)!!!

What a GREAT weekend!!


wendy g said...

What a fun weekend. I know Montana(and you) enjoyed "Cats".
You will love the Socks That Rock yarn and I can't wait to see what pattern you decide on.

Beck in FL said...

Ohh very pretty! I have yet to knit with any STR myself but I hear ravings of glee about it online all the time!

tonni said...

Great weekend! We need to make it a regular event :)

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

I'm with ya Tonni!!!!!

ginger said...

Ah! I had a *great* time with you and I'm a huge Montana fan now! She was the cutest thing there - and sooo sweet!! Yay!!

Doogle Knits said...

What a great weekend! Didn't you just love "Cats." You will be a sock knitting goddess in no time.

Sydney said...

What a fun weekend! I haven't knit with Socks That Rock yet but I've heard many good things about it. Those colors are gorgeous!