Thursday, October 26, 2006

Please Hold Your Applause Till The End Of This Blog

Well......will wonders EVER cease??? Yes folks.....she HAS been knitting!!! LOL!!!

I FINALLY finished my DH Blue Suede socks!! HALLELUIAH!!! Please note how the stripes match??? (O.K. I admit, this was completely a fluke that they match)!

I need to do a bit of research on how to finish off the toes so they are smooth and "professional" looking but these turned out O.K.!! Thanks so much to TONNI for helping me understand where I was going astray with my heels!! I am also working on my October Yarn for my main
Socktoberfest socks and will post a pic of that tomorrow when there hopefully will be a bit more to show!

After seeing the sweater that Tonni made, I decided it was time for me to venture further into the knitting "pool" and I want to make a sweater.....we are talking committment here folks!!!! I am typically of the "immediate gratification" group when it comes to those "short n sweet" projects....but for some reason I feel compelled to make this sweater!! I am REALLY looking forward to this because it will mean several shared afternoon/evenings of knitting with Tonni and that is half the fun!!!

I'm not sure when we can get this project started as I have STILL not gotten over the fact that I will actually have to SHARE my body measurements with another breathing soul...(despite her disclaimer, signed in blood no less)......she IS the one with the pattern wizard so once we have that teensy little drop of blood to seal the deal we will get started!!! LOL!!!


Rebekah said...

Great looking socks. The best instructions I've ever seen on grafting a toe is from the book Knit Socks (it's the book that looks like a sock). Without that book to guide me I'mc clueless on grafting toes.

grace said...

I found that kitchener stitching the toes of my socks give them a more finished look. At least, they're to my liking. :)

The socks look great!

Doogle Knits said...

Beautiful socks!!! Good luck with the sweater. I've almost got my central park hoodie completed. I'm working on the hood, then must attach sleeves (yes, they are both knitted) and to the edging or whatever you call it. I can't wait!!

Sydney said...

Your socks look great! Congrats! If you can knit socks, you can knit a sweater. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make.

wendy g said...

You won't have any trouble with sweaters. Your socks look great!

Beck said...

beautiful socks! I knew you could do it! I think you've knitted more socks than me lately! GRIN

tonni said...

Lovely socks! I knew you could do it :)

Alabama Gal said...

Well, well, darling daughter, I am proud of you. Now let me see, just how many pairs of socks have you made? See, you can do it!!!

Love you,

RheLynn said...

pretty! That sock yarn really worked up into a nice pair!