Sunday, May 04, 2008

May Day ALREADY??????

I was thinking about my May Day pkg. and wondering what day next week it might arrive.....and got the overwhelming feeling to check my front porch......low and behold THERE IT WAS!!!!!!!! (I was gone yesterday and didn't think to check my mail)!

I snatched that box up so fast I got dizzy!! LOL!!!

AND....when I saw who it was from I was REALLY dizzy...because I had seen THE most gorgeous socks on her blog and I knew...KNEW they were inside this box....somewhere!!!!

First things First: A HUGE thank you to Karen for being my pal!!! I am so tickled to be the recipient of absolutely THE most beautiful, fanciest socks I have ever had the pleasure of slipping on these big feet of mine!!! They fit PERFECTLY....and I am just so tickled to have such beautifully stitched socks!!! I tend to stick with "sturdy" socks....and these are so "girly".......I just can't tell you enough how much I appreciate all the work that went into these socks!!

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite shade of blue!!!!!

Check out this detail!!!!!

Perfection I only HOPE to achieve someday!!!!

Be still my beating heart.....would you just LOOK at that?????

PERFECT stitches each and every one!!

But WAIT.......there's MORE!!!!!!!!

ROVING.....yep...uh huh....ROVING.....Spunky Eclectic roving (which I have not tried but have heard SOOOO much about) my second most favorite color....purple!!!

Oh but wait....there is MORE!!!!!!

Where to start??

The sock bag (and Karen, I haven't posted this so I'm not sure how you knew...but I am SUCH a sock bag person...I LOVE this bag...the colors are PERFECT for summer and to know that you actually MADE this makes it all the more special!! I seem to keep several socks going at any given time and I can promise this bag will get a good workout!!

NEXT.....there was chocolate....from Harry and David....DARK chocolate, RASPBERRY.....Ohhhh.....and let me tell is excellent with my morning's's FRUIT!!!!!! LOL!!!

I am such a huge fan of home crafted soaps/lotions, etc. I bought books several years ago to learn about this but haven't gotten any further....I truly do appreciate it and the brown sugar lotion is going in my knitting bag as I ALWAYS have dry hands!!! The soap is wonderful and as soon as I come down from my sugar/caffeine high and hit the shower it is going with me!!!

Also in the box is a cute set of copper windchimes...which I LOVE and last, but not least, Shasta Daisey seeds which will be in the ground by the end of the day today!!!!

Karen, I can not thank you enough for such an AWESOME, AWESOME May Day package!!! You are a PHENOMENAL sock knitter....and I can't thank you enough for such thoughtful gifts!! I can't sew a stitch but I love all the sock bags I see on blogs and on Etsy....and I will think about you every time I use it....which believe me will be often!! LOL!!

I have admired your blog for quite some are one crafty gal indeed! I have admired your spinning posts and have had your site bookmarked for quite sometime!! You are indeed one VERY talented knitter/spinner/crafter!!!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU again!!!


KT said...

What a lucky gal you are! Those socks are beautiful! Jealous, I am of all the gifties you got. And those socks YOU knit are FAB!!! And yes, Mom is really turning 70. Freaky, I know.

Emily said...

Yay! Happy May Day! One of my favorite things is watching socks trade blogs.

Anita said...

Those are some beautiful socks! I am holding my breath while waiting to see everyone's packages. ;-)

sydney said...

Beautiful socks and such a nice package of goodies!

pjbknit said...

What a great package. Really beautimous socks!

Lynne said...

Happy May Day!!!! Such a lovely package! I"ve also admired those socks from afar, just hoping they would come to my mailbox! Conratulations, Darlene.

ginger said...

Ooooh those socks are nice! And the roving reminds me to tell you before I forget that I saw a spinning shop in Guntersville!!! Yes! I can't remember the name of it right this second but it was right in the 'downtown' part of Guntersville, you know right where they have the crazy one-way streets? Right there. It was Sunday and they were closed but I would have gone shopping for you. Now I have to figure out that place's name!!

Bibby said...

Your May Day Socks are magnificent!
Karen IS a phenomenal sock knitter.