Monday, May 12, 2008

Magic Ball And A Few Tears!

Isn't this BEAUTIFUL???? Even more so in real life!!!

This is Sophie's Toes Enchanted Forest Magic Ball, hand dyed by the phenomenal Wendy and gifted to me!!

I have been a HUGE fan of Sophie's Toes Sock yarn for over a year now.....just PHENOMENAL colors!!

But this isn't the beautiful part! The beauty of this Ball-O-Lovelinessis is the reason behind this gift and the gift giver herself!!

Last week when Sophie's Toes was having one of her always anticipated yarn updates, I was emailing Jessi as I knew she was online shopping too! I missed out on this Magic Ball.....(and I thought I was being really fast this time on the mouse)!!! LOL!!

Long story isn't so much that Jessi knew I wanted this color and missed out (she is WAYYY younger than me and her reflexes are better)! LOL!! It is the REASON behind the gift that touches my heart so!!

With the knowledge that at some point, I may be spending several days out of state, not knowing what those days will hold, Jessi knew that knitting would be what I needed most to help comfort and pass the time.

There is something so soothing and "centering" about knitting, it is reassuring, controllable....just the feel of the fiber as it slips through your fingers, the gentle, rhythmic "click-swish" of yarn passing over needles seems to slow you down and soothe your nerves like nothing else can!!!

My heart is so touched by such thoughtfullness!!!!! I felt tears and hugs were quite insufficient as a thank-you!!

I am so very, very blessed to have so many phenomenal women in my life and I am glad to know that Jessi is one of them!!!!!!!! How in the world would we get through life without friends????


Bubblesknits said...


Pass the tissues. ;-)

Suzanne B said...

Awww, ain't that Jessi a sweet one. I guess we'll keep her (even if she is a mere child). LOL

I didn't realize you may be going out of town. I hope everything is ok. I'll see you the last Thursday of this month after I get back from VEGAS!! (yeah baby!!)

BTW, the secret knitting is looking good!!

Cindy said...

Awwww, how sweet of her. I love those colors. Will you take my magic ball with you too? LOL!

Kathy said...

It is controllable.....

I've never heard it put so well.

Great yarn. So glad it made you so happy

sydney said...

That's so thoughtful of Jessi. It is gorgeous yarn.

The rhythm of knitting always helps me de-stress.