Friday, May 23, 2008

I GOT It!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday morning while checking in on one of my favorite blogs I saw THIS luscious scarf!!!

I went IMMEDIATELY to the Knitspot site, purchased the pattern and started researching yarn.

I R.E.A.L.L.Y like the yarn used for the sample knit, which was purchased from Old Maiden Aunt.

Lucky me, I received an EM from Lilith of The Old Maiden Aunt site, letting me know that more yarn would be available for sale today and I was able to snag a skein.....albeit an expensive skein!

There was a snafu with Paypal and the amount I paid was correct, but it was in U.S. Dollars......which when converted to the Euro ended up being more than I anticipated...I knew the exchange rate wasn't great....but goodness......over double what the Euro is?!

Oh well......this is going to be a scarf for I guess I am worth a $30 scarf!!!??!!

Also on the needles but no photos yet: Bellini shawl, Jaywalkers, No Purl Monkeys, Garter Rib Stitch Noro Socks (which I am SOOOO not loving the Noro Sock yarn despite my love of all other Noro yarns), another pair of socks that I can't seem to remember the name of right at this moment, mystery garment knitting.

AND.....spinning along!! This is a BEAUTIFUL, rich, royal purple color from Christy!!

Christy gave me this ONE POUND ball of fiber awhile back.....I am just now back spinning after a hiatus and hoping to get this finished over the long weekend, POSSIBLY plied....(keeping fingers crossed).

Also hope to have time to cast on for a knitted cupcake tonight!!!!! I have wanted to make one of these 4-EVER!!!!


sprite said...

Mmmm... Looks like a fun scarf to knit. Did you buy the yarn in that pretty purple colorway?

Holly said...

Our busy, busy girl! You are so worth the $30 scarf and more.

Emily said...

Oh yes, you are totally,completely and absolutely worth a $30 scarf!

Milly said...

i love that color you are spinning!

tonni said...

WOW! What a list of projects! The scarf is beautimous - it would have looked good in the blue handspun also!

The Yarn Nut said...

Life is too short. Buy the yarn and don't feel bad! Isn't it weird that people like different things? I love, love, love the Noro sock yarn. It is my favortie.

The Yarn Nut said...

You've got to make you a halloween scarf with that purple. It's so witchy woman. Now you will be singing that song all day now. LOL!

ginger said...

Ooooh I can't wait to see your knitted cupcake!!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I've paid as much as $57.00 for scarf yarn ... but then it was for ME. And I'm worth it! Love the purple. Is that the color you got?

I haven't tried Noro sock yarn yet but did finally order 1 skein to try it out and know what all the talk is about. Seems either you like it or you don't. No in between.

Firefly Nights said...

I love the Knitspot patterns and have purchased many of them. Aside from the fact they are nice patterns, she makes it so easy to download them from her site and save them. Enjoy making your scarf.

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