Saturday, May 19, 2007

Strike THREE...You're OUT!!!

I may need to ammend # 6 on my Seven Things MeMe List:

Exhibit A: I was enjoying time on the porch knitting while doing laundry....upon returning from hanging/folding clothes and putting on load number 3 I encountered THIS:

As both dog and cat were on said porch so I wasn't able to determine which one was the culprit, no recourse.....let's move on to Exhibit B shall we?

Exhibit B: Repeat the laundy scene as above, return to discover partial sock in chair and yarn across the porch. ( I left knitting and yarn in chair, put a book over it to discourage pillaging): Again, no proof of no punishment could be given....after tinking back to where I could add in the good yarn I ended up with something like this:

Notice there are FOUR strands of yarn!!

Exhibit C: Phone rings, this time I leave my knitting on the TABLE.....with a book on it (cat doesn't like the glass table)......return to this:

MAX, who has NEVER shown any interest in actually EATING yarn is trying to look very innocent...what ME????? I was sitting here, guarding your sock till you could return....Yeah...RIGHT!!!

If you look close you will see the yarn is still in his mouth....I guess I know why when I gave him the command to "drop it" he wasn't able to.

I won't EVEN show you the pile of yarn that was left over after I pulled what was in his mouth....or shall I say what was in his stomach......EWWWWW GROSS!!

So Emily, if you are reading this....see....there ARE worse things than your dog eating his bed!! LOL!!

I must have a bit of time to mourn the loss of my precious Blue Moon yarn, will start again when I am feeling stronger.


Emily said...

Oh NO! At least you weren't too far in! Dog-mouth-yarn HAS to be just a gross as cat-mouth-yarn (although my cats appear to be over that particular indulgence). Max just can't resist a good coorway. what stitch pattern is that on the leg?

tonni said...

Don't blame it on poor Max... the kitty showed him first!

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh my goodness!
The cheeky little number!
There must be something particularly enticing about that yarn you are using...My pup just sniffs the wool - but I wouldn't put it past her someday.

wendy g said...

Maybe Max didn't find the yarn too tasty and won't do that again! So sorry about the loss of the BM yarn too.

theblondeknitter said...

you poor thing! i can't imagine how gross that would have been pulling that yarn poor thing...
well, at least you had just started right?
the bright side:you get to go get a new skein! YAY! now doesn't that make you HaPpY?

Bibby said...

Has your knitting addiction taken away from "special time" you used to spend with your furry ones???? You see, they get your undivided attention when they swallow your favorite yarn & it has to be retrieved...

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Bibby, I think you may have something there!!! Max has been so bad lately....I guess he figures attention for being bad is better than no attention!! I guess I need to take more breaks to play.

sprite said...

Oh, oh, oh! That's just painful to consider!

Mom said...

I think I agree with Bibby. Poor Max, you have got to spend more time with him than your knitting.
For some reason Max can get into more things than he should and they prove to be not so healthy.