Tuesday, May 29, 2007



I was not impressed with the sock pattern that came with my first STR sock kit.

I may try the pattern at a later date, but I felt for me it was too complicated.

The pattern that I used for these socks is the Fluted Bannister sock pattern, yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock, colorway: Monsoon. This yarn is their medium weight yarn and is VERY thick!!

It REALLY bugs me that the yarn pools the way it does!! I love the way the yarn stripes but just don't know how to assure that both socks will stripe rather than pool.

Oh Well....ANOTHER Finished Project!!!

This is a pattern that I got from Lis...of Life's A Stitch

I'm not sure when Lis wrote the pattern but I have had it for quite some time.

I wasn't able to get the colors to show up as they truly are (the yellowish green is in fact a celery green) here is a color swatch from the internet .....but I LOVE the way the pattern creates a reversible pattern!! Knit with Arte by Needful Yarns, Colorway: # 402.

Lis is very sweet to share her pattern, all you need to do is send her an EM and she will send a copy......be sure to check out her sidebar for a gallery of pics of the Herringbone!!! Lot's of pretty variations!!! I will be making this scarf again most definitely!!!


Cindy said...

I Love this! So pretty.

paula said...

Very nice! I might finish something if I would stop starting new projects

theblondeknitter said...

the socks look great and i can understand your color pooling frustrations. i would want a little more consistancy too.

wendy g said...

You are moving along with 2 FO's. The socks and scarf are beautiful!

Emily said...

I wasn't overly thrilled with the first STR pattern either - possibly because I have yet to understand the joy of a toe-up sock (sshh don't tell). But the striping on your socks is..odd. I would expect them to match more than that. Magic of hand-dyes I suppose.

The scarf is beautiful - the colors look like the beach!

tonni said...

hmmm... i haven't knit my monsoon colorway yet. You did a great job knitting these and the scarf!

ginger said...

Wow I love both of those!!

Sydney said...

I think the pooling is a feature of hand-dyed yarn. I had yarn that worked up different on the two socks.

I like that color and pattern of that scarf! They go well together.

Bibby said...

Is this the scarf you made for yourself? It's wonderful....love the socks too!

grace said...

I must be the only person in blogland who doesn't mind it when sockyarn pools. I think they look great! And I have to agree with you on reversible patterns when it comes to scarves. Always a great idea! Your scarf looks fabulous!