Friday, May 18, 2007

Eye Candy Friday!

A dear friend of mine Bibby came by yesterday and brought me a spider plant and these BEAUTIFUL Dahlia's from her garden!!

We had plans to work on her blog but I'm afraid that I talked her ear off and we never got around to it.....ohhh...hate that....guess we'll have to do it again!! LOL!!


paula said...

Beautiful flowers. Reminds me of my Sundara yarn!

Bibby said...

I'm honored to have my dahlia's photographed. Thanks for the wonderful time & talk.....can't wait til the next time!

wendy g said...

What beautiful dahlias! Have a great weekend!

elizabeth said...

Yeah, maybe she'll bring more flowers! Haha!

I tagged you for the seven things meme, I hope you don't mind!