Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hurricane Sock Swap and SPRING!!

I have finished my Hurricane Sock!! YIPPEE!!!! Ahead of time at that!!

I am not particularly crazy about the way it striped....but if there is a way to control this I don't have a clue what it please, feel free to share!

I have one item on order, picked up a few "goodies" yesterday....will hopefully have my package all wrapped up this weekend!! I hope my sock recipient will be happy!!

AND......Spring is HERE....It's OFFICIAL....time to shed off the Old and ON WITH THE NEW!!!!

Of course....this isn't exactly what I had in mind!!! YUCK!!! About 2 feet long!!!

I had just walked Max and this wasn't there......a few minutes later ran out to the mailbox and THERE IT WAS!!! I do NOT like snakes!!!


grace said...

The sock looks great! What don't you like about the way it striped? I think it looks pretty cool.

As for the snake skin, at least the snake wasn't still in it!h

elizabeth said...

Probably just a garden snake, which are good to have around as they keep other pests at bay. Your sock looks great! Striping is just part of it, I think.

Emily said...

I saw one this morning too! Right under the lantana...

Becky said...

Oh ick! I hate snakes! What would Max have done if he had seen it?