Monday, August 07, 2006

Worked on my sock this weekend....almost finished this one!

For some reason I can't seem to get the top row of the socks to be even....see that little spot at the top where the white seems to disappear and "dip" down? I have made 4 mini socks and 2 regular size socks and every one is like this. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong! I still have a bit of work to get my technique to where all my "joins" are as tight as the other parts....seems like no matter how hard I pull or hold the needles together there are several spots that the stitches are very loose.....but again.....I'm thinking the more I do this the better this will get.....or perhaps it is the type yarn I am using? I'm not sure about the mini-sock yarn (not sure if I still have the label)....but this sock and the green one are both Knit Picks yarn. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

As soon as I finish up this sock, make it's mate and make the mate for the green stripe sock I'm going to start working on the toddler socks for CIC ( I can't wait to start this project and hope I can get a lot of pairs done and on their way to Russia!!


Karen said...

When I make socks I cast on one extra stitch. Then I put the needles together as a triangle, move the last stitch of the third needle to the beginning of the first needle, take the first stitch of the first needle and bring it over the stitch you just moved there and right off the needle, then put the last stitch back on it's original needle. It's a little fiddly but it makes a nice join. Clear as mud?

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Got it!! Thanks for the tip! I plan to start the second green sock tonight and will give it a try!

Thanks again....I appreciate any and all tips!! LOL!!

Lynn said...

There is a Yahoo group for CIC and they try to keep it interesting by changing the project to send. We did socks last month and this month we are working on fingerless mittens. It's fun to see how many everybody can do. I personally only sent 1 pair of socks last month, but I figure one pair is better than none!!