Monday, August 21, 2006

:) WHAT in the WORLD is this you ask????? I am calling it a Wookie Fruit.....discovered at Publix in the organic fruit section! There was quite an interest in the small crate of these weird looking little guys!! Just HAD to buy a couple to see what it tastes like......after my age (Which I am NOT stating thank you very much).....there just aren't too many "new" things left to experience!!

I had been warned by Mr. Produce Man that it looked like a fish eye when you cut into it and to not be too grossed out..and to be careful when peeling as the insides sort of "pop out"...and he was right. When cutting through the center it DID look like a fish eye!! I took the other Wookie Fruit to Jasper for Princess Cupcake to see and taste....she wasn't too sure at first!

We cut the end off, then the thick, prickly outer skin peels off easy...the fruit almost "pops" out!! Contains a teeny tiny seed that is hard like a peach pit. The fruit...what fruit there is....(about the size of a large grape) has a weird rubbery texture but very easy to chew!! Tastes SWEET, not not like any sweet you have tasted before......unfortunately it would take about 3 doz. to get a small bowl......this is one of those things that is fun to try but not something you would add to your regular diet!
Finished my second "adult" size pair of socks!! Still have a few issues where the stitches aren't joined QUITE tight enought at certain points. But still better each time I make a pair so I'm just darning as I go!! LOL!!! I am going to start my next pair for Princess Cupcake!!

Not the best picture.......but I made this baby cap this weekend for a cousin's baby that is due in September, also making 2 of the M/D baby bibs, and the M/D Kimona. LOVE making the little caps!! Made from Cotonade, 100% cotton soft!!


RheLynn said...

That sounds like an asian lychee (there are several spellings). We used to buy them in cans at the Asian Market in Fargo, ND - and they were so very sweet, and yes, the feeling of them is very hard to describe - slippery, spongey... and more. I'm glad you like them! My DH Mr.J does too, but I couldn't get past the slippery part ;o)

YAY YAY for the socks! You're really getting the hang of this quickly!

tonni said...

I'll have to check out our Publix to try this fruit.

Another two FO's! YAY! So, are you needing a sock bag? I know someone that makes them...

grace said...

The socks are looking great! I love fraternal socks. :) The hat is adorable!

wendy g said...

You are really becoming the sock master. Cute hat too.

Sydney said...

What a crazy looking fruit. I'll have to see if they have them at our grocery store.

I like those purple socks!

Emily said...

You have a PUBLIX?! That means there's hope for us!!

Karen said...

That is a scary looking fruit! You are brave. :)

Your socks look great! My first couple of pairs were not even wearable.

RheLynn said...

Squint's new home isn't going to be permanent - the man has another outdoor cat he wants to bring inside as his indoor cat :o( And, since I love this other cat too (she is Willow's and Sally's sister) I fully understand it.

Mr.J says a drive to your town would be do-able - if you are really serious about this little kitten. He wants Squint to have a good permanent home.

rhelynn @ yahoo . com