Monday, March 20, 2006

Well...I FINALLY finished the baby blanket I have been working on for the past two months!!! I would post a picture but it looks so bad I am embarrassed to say I made it. I have only made about a dozen scarves and dish cloths this past year and thought for sure a baby blanket was something I could make. The FIRST baby blanket was made with a fuzzy baby fleece which I thought would be so soft and warm but when I knitted it up it looked like a chenille rug I used to have and decided to donate it.....until I noticed that I somehow ended up with one end being WAY tighter stitched than the other end.....but the good news is my crazy cat Gracie doesn't mind at all sleeping on a blanket that isn't exactly square!! Fast forward to the SECOND baby blanket! I had a friend to help pick out the yarn and the yarn was so fine it showed my lack of continuity of stitch size in glaring detail!! I am so disappointed in the second blanket and hope perhaps running some white satin ribbon around the edges will somehow make up for the quality of work that went into it! I would start a third one but I'm afraid the baby will be in high school before I'm able to make something that I feel is worthy of giving! Wonder if the baby would like a scarf instead???? Back to working on another scarf....wonder what this says about me that I enjoy the projects that are short, sweet and don't require a long term commitment?

Oh well....can't be too hard on myself......all the scarves will be donated to charity next Fall and hopefully will bring someone a bit of warmth and know that they are cared about!

My next project is to finish the socks that I as far as turning the heel and I'm "stumped"......I'll study up on this soon......just as soon as I finish the scarf I just started.

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