Friday, March 17, 2006

Today is my first attempt at blogging...late bloomer! I have read a few blogs and thought it would be a wonderful (anonymous) way to "confess" all my knitting sins!

I am new to knitting, only a little over a year.....but I have a serious problem with yarn.....I can't stop buying it! I have yarn stashed best friend has been instructed that in the event anything happens to me she is to remove all the yarn from my house ASAP.....otherwise I fear people will be calling me crazy... (well I am but that is beside the point) read about those people that save a zillion plastic bags, newspapers, etc. Don't want to be remembered as the woman that had a zillion skeins of yarn and 2 finished projects!!

I collect yarn....there I have said it and it wasn't so bad!! I'm sincerely hoping there are other Yarn Ho's out there like me. I find myself looking at the price of something and think about how much yarn I could buy if I didn't buy that item!! Pretty Sad!!

In case anyone is interested.....or not........I am almost old, LOVE to knit and even better, love to collect yarn, any kind, the better the quality the faster the heartbeat! I love to cook although I'm not very good. I can mess up opening a Twinkie! I am the queen of having all ingredients except ONE....and trying to substitute....sometimes it works, other times not so good. I always felt like I should write a cookbook.....How NOT To Cook!! Ha! Ha! But I do love to cook...unfortunately love to eat too!!!

I have only made a few dozen scarves and dishcloths. I felted one purse but not sure I could repeat without guidance.....took a sock class....the teacher over booked and the class ended right at turning the I guess you could say I have 1/2 of one sock and I am now working on a baby blanket but I am afraid the baby will be in college before I finish it. I told the mother that when I do get it finished to please tell anyone that asks it was made by a blind 90 year old woman so that hopefully they will be impressed! I had never undertaken anything this large before.....only know how to knit, purl and learning how to read patterns!! Needless to say my heart was in the right place but I am just not good enough yet to undertake something so ambitious as a blanket!!

I will try to make some pics and post later.

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Anonymous said...

Wow yarn, i thought my necrophiliac hobbies were odd but this is somethin else.