Monday, March 09, 2009

Spring Sock Knitting

This Weekend was GORGEOUS!! Temperatures in the high 70's!! (Was it last weekend we had 2" of snow)?? Alabama weather at it's finest!! LOL!!

I did a tiny bit of knitting this weekend and with the weather so nice....I had to head outside with needles and yarn in hand.
I love this time of year....there are sure signs of Spring around, yet the trees for the most part are bare, which makes for prime bird watching. DH and I sat in the yard with binoculars watching the Hawks. We have two nests in our yard and one of the Mama birds was quite busy!!


elizabeth said...

Very cool! We have some hawks in the neighborhood but it's hard to get a look a them. I wish they'd nest in our yard!

Sydney said...

That's so nice that the hawks are building a nest in your yard. We have hawks that visit our yard, but mostly they're looking for birds to snack on.

Bubblesknits said...

We sat out on the porch a lot this weekend, too. Soooo very nice outside. :-)