Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Entertainment

In addition to watching the Hawks feed their young......and doing a bit of hawk "home remodeling"....there is also a bit of new construction taking place!!!

I believe this corner of the house will have to be passed over for cleaning this year!!

Every year we take a Spring pilgrimage......around the house, to make a list of all that has occured during the winter months and needs to be addressed before summer hits. Which of course is almost impossible to complete all that needs to be done, considering Spring usually consists of only a couple of weeks before Summer hits!! LOL!!

The new addition is right off the back porch, which has been a constant source of entertainment for Heidi who has spent countless hours watching the comings and goings of the construction crew. (Thankfully supplies are plentiful and we haven't had the problem that Sydney has has had)!

It will be fun watching things progress!! I'm heading back out to distribute some bits of roving in hopes some will be incorporated in the new house.......looks like I may be too late though....this "house" is almost finished.....I imagine there will be new tenants in the next few days!!

AND....check THIS out!!

Is this not THE cutest rug??

My Mom sent this to me and the picture doesn't do it justice....looks rather washed out when in fact, the colors are very rich!!

It has met with the Heidi seal of approval.

And if you are wondering why there are so many different rug patterns you are seeing, it is for Max....who is pretty much totally blind now. He has such a hard time on the hardwood floors, would start walking then stop.....and whine.....but with the introduction of the rugs....he can feel his way to his food bowl and not get scared. I love this little dog to pieces and fear when it is his time to go.....I'm going to have to go with him!!


grace said...

Aw, poor little Max. Can you get him a seeing eye dog? Do they have seeing eye dogs for dogs?

elizabeth said...

It's so nice of you to have all those rugs for Max! You're a good mama.

Emily said...

Poor Max! Lady Bird is losing her sight too - I will never ever rearrange so she won't get confused.

Nice use of moss in the bird nest!

Bubblesknits said...

Poor Max. I need to come over and give him some love. And don't worry. You'll have all of us right there with you when the time comes...a lot of us in person. However, I have to disagree on the part about you going with him. I'd be hanging on to your legs like a toddler, yelling, "NOOOOO!" lol

Love the birdies! I haven't checked our house yet. We've got a couple trees that need to be downed, but other than that...?

Doogle Knits said...

Aww, poor Max. You are such an excellent Mommy.

Sydney said...

At least your birds are stealing parts of your house to build their nest. LOL!

Poor Max. I'm not sure this would work for dogs but people have suggested using scents to mark the walls in different rooms for blind ferrets. Of course ferrets are small enough to hug the walls. The rugs are a good idea!