Thursday, August 23, 2007

KIWI update and Kitty Casserole

FINALLY some news on the KIWI!!

DH and I finally had time last night to work on the wheel......pretty much have it all together except for the wheel and the mechanism that attaches to the treadles.

Hope to finish the project Friday night!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!

AND....Kitty Casserole Anyone?????

I don't advocate Bella on the kitchen countertops.....and she doesn't show any interest at all thank goodness other than a couple of times she has jumped in the window behind the sink.

BUT....I was putting dishes away the other night, turned around and there was Bella, just as pretty as you please all snuggled in the casserole dish!!!!

She is incredibly cold natured and likes to lie in front of the oven when I am cooking....I guess she was hoping to get warmed up a bit!!! LOL!!


grace said...

The Kiwi looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see you spinning on it. :-)

I hope you didn't put Bella in the oven!

tonni said...

The finish looks great on the Kiwi - have you named her?? I want to see you spin!!

Poor Bella - she needs her own heating pad :)

elizabeth said...

My cat always knows what countertop I'm getting ready to use for food preparation and promply sprawls on top of it. He won't even help with the veggie chopping! He has those sharp claws and everything.

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Oh yes...if we could just get them to earn their keep around the house rather being decorative!! LOL!!

wendy g said...

I know what you will be doing Saturday!!
Bella looks like a kitty meatloaf.

Mother of Purl said...

Bella is a hoot! Pets are a constant source of entertainment. Congrats on the Kiwi! And thanks for the encouragement, it makes me feel better.

sydney said...

Your Kiwi is looking really good!

LOL at Bella! She looks like she's done that a few times. I think all cats are cold natured. Even as hot as it has been, Katie still wants to lay in the sunshine every day.

Beck said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe Bella wants to be a kitty-casserole! That's so cute, but sort of alarming too.

The wheel is almost there! I can't wait to see you spin on it. Because if you learn how then maybe there's hope for me afterall. : ) It's going to be a beautiful wheel too.

Bubblesknits said...

One of our cats used to crawl inside the dryer until I accidentally turned it on with her still inside. Talk about one unhappy kitty! Needless to say, she doesn't warm herself on our clean clothes anymore. ;-)

Emily said...