Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bloomin Sock Has Arrived!!


Oh...I have been so excited to receive my socks from my Bloomin Feet Sock Pal!!

This is my first sock swap and the anticipation for my very first sock swap package has been INCREDIBLE!! So much so that I would like to apologize to my mail lady for SNATCHING the box from her hand....I knew it was my sock swap package and I truly didn't mean to "snatch and run"....I'm usually not so rude....but what can I say.....It was my VERY FIRST SOCK SWAP PACKAGE!!!! I can only imagine what she was thinking as I was running through the yard screaming..."It's Here, It's Here, It's Here"!! LOL!!!!!

Upon opening the box I saw yarn.....peeking out from the tissue paper....(what a tease!)....the CUTEST hand crafted card (I am not talented at all in this department and I love and appreciate so much when folks take the time to create something such as this)!!! Is this stamp not THE cutest thing you have EVER seen???!!! Oh...I have SOOOO got to get one of these!!!

There is another stamp but I wasn't able to get a pic of it but it says "Ewe Hoo"!! TOO CUTE!!!!!

My sock swap pal is Kaki!!! Who by the way is a FABULOUS sock knitter!!! Oh I the lucky one!! Check THESE out!!

They fit PERFECTLY!!!! The yarn is Colinette-Jitterbug-Florentina colorway Lagoon..... such vibrant, happy colors!!!

But WAIT....that's not ALL!!

This is the MOTHER LODE!!!

1. I have not seen the Dark Chocolate Raspberry would have thought it was Christmas morning when I saw them....I will confess to screams...and I even called my sister at work to tell her about them.....(haven't seen these ANYWHERE and she is as big a fan of the chocolate/raspberry combo as I am)!! LOL!!

AND.....if that weren't enough....there is a bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares with a raspberry filling....can you say MAJOR YUMMY INDULGENCE?????

2. I have been wanting the Knit Socks book for SOOO long, but kept putting off buying it!!!

I have a friend that has this book and it is full of really great socks for "newbie" sock knitters like me!! I love it Kaki and can't tell you how excited I am to receive it!!

3. Also included is one of the wee tiny sock blocker keychains!! These are SOOO cute!!

4. A Susan Bates circular needle....which I have never used this brand and I am looking forward to using them as I have only used the KnitPicks brand needles!!!

5. Last but not if ALL this wasn't enough.....I received 2 balls of
Sockotta, color number 20......which, oddly enough I recently received a card with a small sample of this yarn from a shop I had placed an order with and had decided to give it a try as it is 45% cotton and thought it would be good for the summer......and the clor sample that I received? You got it.....Number 20!!!
(insert theme music from twilight zone here!) LOL!!!

Kaki, I just don't know how to thank you enough for such a gracious gift box!!! I felt like it was Christmas....everything individually wrapped.....the hand made card and the AWESOME socks and yarn!!!

I know from reading your blog that you have had a rough time lately with your mom, your knee injury, not to mention all the other ups and downs of life and yet you had time to do so much for me!! I just can't express my thanks enough!!!!

The quality of your sock knitting has inspired me to work harder!! You truly are a GREAT sock knitter!!!!

Thanks so much for making my very first sock swap such a grand experience!!!!!!


clothesknit said...

There are socks poppin' up everywhere! Guess I should buckle down for Tuesday's update since it'll be a big one!

KaKi did a fabulous job on your socks! I absolutely love the bright and cheerful colorway. Enjoy all your goodies Darlene!

wendy g said...

Your package is amazing and those socks are beautiful!

Emily said...

Yay! I love the stamps! And I am so happy that your first swap experience was a great one. :D

sydney said...

What a wonderful package - beautiful socks, cute card, and lots of chocolate! I had no idea there was such a thing as dark chocolate raspberry kisses. I'm going to be on the lookout for those.

tonni said...

You are one lucky Bloomin' Pal :) This swap has been so much fun. What a great package!

KaKi said...

Darlene, Thank you for your kind words. I had so much fun putting this together for you. I had no idea the raspberry kisses were new. (I am a plain jane chocolater) So I am EXTRA thrilled that this was new to you. And the sock yarn? Who knew?? That is a bit eery!! That yarn was actually purchased in TX when going to get my mom. It was the cutest little shop. I held on to it for just the right person! I am so glad it was something you wanted!! Thanks for all your encouragement. This is only my second swap, and the first recipient of my package never acknowledged it. So you have restored my faith in swaps!!!

Doogle Knits said...

Lucky girl!!

Teyani said...

Such gorgeous socks@!
And the rest of the goodies look yummy too - mmmm choolate-raspberry!

elizabeth said...

That's great! The yardage on the Sockotta is generous, you could probably knit two pair of socks from two balls. They hold up well in the washer, too.

grace said...

That is just the cutest card ever! Looks like you lucked out and racked up!

sprite said...

What a great card. And the socks are lovely, too! Your pal rocks!