Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bloomin Feet Update, Hurricane Sock Swap Yarn and MAMA MIA!!

Working on finishing my second sock for the Bloomin Feet Sock Swap.....hopefully I can get this sock finished by the weekend.....will be glad to know that I am finished with these socks on time!!

This is NOT a great pic of the the yarn I purchased for the Hurricane Sock Party, but it is raining today and lighting isn't very good!

Since the yarn has so many colors I will most likely go with a simple pattern.....still considering my options.

Stay Tuned!!

My dear friend Ginger
invited myself and a few other friends to attend Mama Mia last night and it was AWESOME!!!! I had no idea it would be so funny!! The music was just perfect, the audience participation was great and I could not have asked for a better evening!!!!
If you have an opportunity to see this play....even if you are in the "nose-bleed" section you MUST go see this!!!!! Can't help but have a good time and laugh yourself silly!!!!!


clothesknit said...

Your socks will be done early! I knit mine, turned the heel and realized they weren't going to work for my pal size-wise so I've been to the darn frog pond and am now going to be cutting it close!

Doogle Knits said...

You are a knitting goddess. :-) Sounds like you've been having fun.

sydney said...

Your Bloomin Feet socks are looking good! I'm looking forward to seeing what pattern you use for the next socks.

wendy g said...

Your socks look like they are almost finished! Mama Mia is a fun musical with so many familiar songs.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I want to see Mama Mia ... and now you've REALLY convinced me. Wish I had someone to go with me tho.

Emily said...

I can still see the rainbows in the yarn!