Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Sweetie, A Major Yarn Haul And Goat Lovin'

I went to Huntsville today with Cindy , Tonni and Jan, (who does not currently have a blog but will in the near future if we have our way as she is ONE Crafty Lady! LOL!!

Upon returning after an exhausting but fruitful day (and just how fruitful will be addressed below).....I came home to my Sweetie having picked me a bouquet of the wild flowers that grow in the woods around our house!! And like a little boy so proud of his "arrangment".......What a sweetheart he is.....especially since he is color blind and doesn't "see" this color.....but he remembered me mentioning how they were all in bloom and how pretty they are!!! Awwww......I love my DH......I've got the best guy in the world!!


As stated above, we left Trussville, early this morning heading for Laceys Springs, Alabama, to The Knitting Zone. After a beautiful drive through the country we reached our destination!

Oh MY......What words can I use to describe all of us when we stepped over the threashold and encountered not just a few colors of "some" manufacturers.....but what must surely be every single color of every single yarn made!! I'm sure the look on our faces was quite comical....ESPECIALLY at the sock wall.....yes...that's what I said...the SOCK WALL!!! Oh my heart!!!!

The picture is deceiving....this is a VERY LARGE shop....FILLED with yarn of every brand, weight, color and LOT'S of inventory! I think you would be hard pressed to have a project in mind and there not be enough yarn to complete your project. There was one entire wall dedicated to Koigu....of which I have NEVER seen!!

The owner, Mary, could NOT have been nicer!! She not only opened her shop for us but spent time with each of us answering MANY, MANY questions, and was so VERY kind and patient with us all!! She even called up her goats for us to pet!! Baby Ivey has been bottle fed by Mary and is as tame as a puppy!!

After a couple of hours and a few dollars lighter we headed for Huntsville for a bite to eat and a trip to Yarn Expressions. Not knowing what to expect, we didn't think it cosmically possible to find TWO fantastic shops in one day.....but OH MY.....were we in for a TREAT!!!

At Yarn Expressions we found Meg and her wonderful assistant.....again, all four with our different sets of questions, etc., all met with patience and valuable information!! I saw quite a few yarns that I have seen online but not seen in local shops!!! This was SUCH a treat for me to be able to see and touch so many of the yarns I have read about!! I very much appreciated the yarn info Meg supplied me with regarding a particular project I had in mind to make!!

After leaving Yarn Expressions we headed to the Chocolate Shop for a little fortification for the drive home and drove the "back way", through the country all the way back to Trussville....a GREAT drive on an absolutely gorgeous day with 3 of the best Gals a girl could go Yarn Crawling with!!!!!

We will DEFINITELY be returning to BOTH these shops......plans are already in the works for a trip in early Fall, when all the great Winter yarns will be out and the drive will be filled with all the beautiful Fall leaves!!

I can NOT say enough about BOTH these shops.....both with wonderful, kind owners that were quick to offer assistance, answer questions and share their expertise with us......yet both shops offer very different inventory and both worth checking out!!!!

There was however, one tense moment when I was feeling a bit bad about all that I had purchased....because when faced with so many wonderful choices....well....decisions were hard to come by......I was afraid I had bought too much......but the good friend that Cindy is quickly got me back on track deeming that it was ALL necessary purchases, even NEEDED purchases and that I would have NO regrets about it!!! I LOVE CINDY!!!!!

Stash Shot....which really doesn't look too bad in the bags.....I'll flash my portion of the stash later....after everyone is in bed asleep, when all is dark and no one can see I'll sneak my stash in the house.......and to my secret hiding place....NOT the place that my DH T.H.I.N.K.S. houses my yarn stash!!! LOL!!!


tonni said...

Could not have reported as well as witty:) What a great day!!!!

clothesknit said...

Oooooh my word! It sounds like you girls had a blast! I wish I lived just a wee bit closer so I could've tagged along. I've ordered from the Knitting Zone and know they have a great selection -- can't imagine seeing it all in one place!

And I'm so glad to put a face with a name -- you're gorgeous girl!

HollyEQQ said...

Awesome! Love the stash shots! :)

ginger said...

WOW! That is a beautiful stash of yarn in the back of the car!! I knew you were going to the shop in H'ville but not the one in Lacey's Springs - I've never been to that one and have been wanting to!

Sorry I missed you Thursday night - you were right...I was just completely pooped out from all the traveling we've done lately. I'm glad I got to live vicariously through your yarn trip this weekend! :)