Thursday, March 29, 2007

Contest Gifts and other Goodies!!

The Post Woman came bearing gifts today!!! (Please disregard the book and jacket seen lying on the treadmill.....of COURSE I use my treadmill for walking!) LOL!!

FIRST package: From Lisa: Knitting By The Sea

I was one of the winners in a blog contest she was having!! It was a GREAT idea for a contest!! Participants were asked to tell the "craziest" thing they ever did....which made me realize that at forty-something-ish....I have lived a pretty quiet life....hmmm...may need to rethink things before I start on the 50-something-ish age bracket!! Thankfully the contest was a random drawing!! LOL!!

It started off with this pretty pink paper and a card which judging by the excellent quality and time that obviously went into making such a beautiful card.....was made by hand!!!

Beneath the Pink were Four Individually Wrapped Gifts (which I would have photographed but in my excitement managed to tear all the paper but one!)....

Oh..OH...OOOOHHHHHH!!! Opal sock yarn... I have NEVER had Opal sock yarn and I absolutely can NOT wait to get started knitting!!!! The colors are "MY" colors too!!!! I just can't tell you how absolutely tickled I am with this yarn....and if THAT wasn't enough.....there were Sticky Pads....another weird coincidence??? I use sticky notes for EVERYTHING.....I LOVE them....for everything....and ALWAYS the decorative ones!! But this is getting downright freaky....because I have been meaning to pick up the Chibi's but the last couple of times I have looked for them the LYS was out!!!! quote my nephew when he was a little boy...."Chocolate is my life"!!!! LOL!!! If you only KNEW what a chocoholic I am....but wait....maybe you did know since you knew everything else?????? LOL!!!

Considering Max's latest episode with the chocolate bunny it is deemed not safe to have chocolate I should eat this in RIGHT NOW for lunch!!!! Besides.....chocolate is good for REALLY....the more the better!!!!!!YUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

Lisa, I absolutely can not thank you enough for such a gracious, exciting gift!! When your blog announced I had won sock yarn I had no idea I would receive so many wonderful gifts.....and everything is exactly what I have been wanting!!!! Many, Many THANKS!!!!

Second Package: Computer part for my hubby......BORING.....!!!!!

Third Package: KnitPicks!!

Fourth Package:

I have been wanting this of all, purchased from Amazon, used, EXCELLENT condition .....and CHEAP!!! :)

I guess I better check the mailbox now......after all this goodness, I'm sure there is a box full of bills waiting to be picked up!

Ahhhhhh.......back to reality!!!


Daily Fiber said...

Looks like Christmas in March if you ask me! What a nice win...

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh,oh,oh ... I LOVE the colors in that sock yarn. You lucky girl you! Congrats on the goody filled packages ... and may you now win the money to pay those bills ... you know the ones in the mail box. You did pick up the mail didn't you? hehehe

grace said...


flwrhead said...

What a fun mail day! Congrats!

sydney said...

Now that's a good mail day! You got lots of fun stuff!

KaKi said...

Well! What a wonderful way to end the day! Packages are always so much fun! Even when I know what is inside, it is like Christmas!

thecountrygirl said...

Wow girl you wracked up didn't you! Love your Opal. Those are gonna be some snazzy socks!

Now, I'd like a review of the sock book. What do you think of it? I don't have that one yet.

AlabamaGal said...

Wow! What a mail box day. You have some wonderful friends.
Just don't get too use to that many goodies appearing in the mail box every day. It just ain't happening. ;-)

Emily said...

I can't believe it all came on the same day! That is pretty funny. Nice haul! :D

Life's a Stitch said...

What a haul. That's one of my best well used knitting books. Are you going to keep us guessing what your crazy thing might have been?

RheLynn said...

Ooh - tell me how the Shadow yarn, (is that right?) works out. I had some last year and it was so very fine and hard to work with!

Excellent scores on the books, too.