Monday, May 08, 2006

Sock In Progress's not great....but it IS progressing!!! The yarn has separated in several places and on close inspection looks "picked".....but at this point I'm just trying to finish it so I will know what I'm doing when I start my first PAIR!! I have ripped and re-knit this yarn so much it is really in bad shape.....I'll make it's mate for practice but don 't believe I'll buy the Wildefoote yarn again. I think I'll stick with a more tightly woven yarn for my next pair or two......the knitted part feels really nice to the's just so hard for me to work with a this point. Need a bit more experience.....then may give it another shot. I hope to be able to be down to the toe by the end of the week. (Oh to be like those of you that can whip out a pair in an evening or two!).

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