Monday, May 15, 2006

A Few Good Books

I am having to put the knitting aside for a few days...."tennis elbow".....I am referring to it as "knitters elbow"! I have a few books I have not had time to read so I guess I'll be reading about knitting rather than actually knitting for the next few days! Maybe by the time my elbow is better I'll be ready to tackle my sock mate! I'm not starting another pair (even though my sock yarn stash is WAY prettier than the Wildefoote sock yarn).....until I have finished the first pair....considering the sorry state of my first sock I'm hopefull my second pair will be made well enough to actually WEAR!! LOL!!

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Emily said...

Knitting Rules has a great little "How a Sock is Made" section. Not that you need it anymore! =) I really want to make the bath mat in MDK.