Wednesday, May 10, 2006


YES....that IS the Halleluiah Chorus you hear!!! I will no longer refer to this as the @*#* sock but will now be called THE SOCK!

Fortunately you can't see all the picks, dropped stitches, etc. I am ditching making the mate as this sock really isn't wearable because of dropped stitches and I just can't rip it out and re-knit at this point. I'll have to put it on my desk and look at it for awhile. BUT......I have completed it and I now have a grasp of the pattern concept!! I'm picking up the Modea Self Stripe yarn I originally started on and hopefully will now be able to complete a PAIR of socks!! I've got to get good enough to knit up the box of sock yarn I bought!! Not sure if I am going to fall in love with making socks as so many are.....the judge is still out on this one! Hopefully by the time I have knit up my sock stash I'll be crazy for socks....or may just be crazy!!! LOL!!! I hope I get good enough that I'll be addicted to socks as it is a great project to take with you and knit on the go.

Upon finishing THE SOCK and excitedly modeling for my DH he gently takes my sock clad foot in his hand and inspects from all angles, declares himself proud of me for being able to complete THE SOCK, sweetly smiles asking will I be able to DUPLICATE THE SOCK so I'll have a MATCHED PAIR....while gently touching all the spots my bare foot is showing from the dropped stitches!!!! DId I mention that DH doesn't ALWAYS stand for Darling Husband? Sometimes it stands for @*&$@ Husband!! LOL!!!


wendy g said...

Congratulations on your sock!! Now that you have finished one the new pair will be a breeze.

Emily said...

You made a sock! I am SO happy for you! The second one will be a piece of cake.