Sunday, January 09, 2011

WOW.....I'm Still Here!!

Tonight is one of those odd sort of I thought I would use the opportunity to pick up my friend "blog".....who I have missed dearly these last few months!!

We have a winter warning in, keep in mind this is Alabama....where Winter and Warning are seldom two words used together. There is that anticipation in the air that school/work may be cancelled tomorrow, a "free" day....all the possibilities....unless of course we lose power due to icing....which is being forecast. But...I have a huge pot of soup, a gas cooktop, gas hotwater worse case scenario....we can eat hot food, have hot drinks and take a hot shower all while freezing from no heat and no wood for the fireplace....and I can KNIT!!!!!

Not that there is anyone left following my blog.....7 months without a post....don't blame you for dropping me!! I dropped myself!! LOL!!

BUT.......the last few months have been busy, busy, BUSY....lot's of changes along the way. Some of them sad......but a lot of them have been good! a nutshell.....

There has been the loss of family members, both on my husband's side as well as mine. Just no words. No matter the reason or the time, it is never an easy thing to lose those we love!!

We also lost our beloved little Max to complications from Diabetes. We sacrified a lot to keep him healthy and with us as long as we did....and we would do it all again in a heartbeat!!

We miss him every single day!!

I went back to work (part time) for a friend of mine!! Very lucky to have such a wonderful opportunity!!

I taught a beginning knitting class at a local university for six weeks and met 7 AWESOME ladies!! I am going to start another class this month...SOOO much fun!!!

Not a lot of knitting going on....almost non-existent, but that is about to change whether I want it to or not......we need socks!!
I finally stopped counting all the socks I have had to "darn" due to moths!! I haven't SEEN a moth, but when half a drawer of socks come up with holes in them, not to mention other various woolen items.....oh least now I'll be able to make a dent in some of the sock yarn I have stashed!! But how in the world do I prevent this from happening again...I am using huge ziplock bags for all my socks, washing in lavendary scented Soak!!! I must set a moth trap......shouldn't be too hard....I have plenty of wool to bait it with!! LOL!!

Another "issue" we have had with sock holes is THIS!!!

The black blur of hole making....quicker than lightning....holes appear in socks!!!

Christmas came a day early and we got Duncan.......a 7 week old Miniature Schnauzer and more energy than the Energizer Bunny himself!!

.....chewing......whining....potty training.....chewing......consoling the kitties......chewing......and did I mention chewing???

He is the sweetest little puppy and just what we both needed!!!

Sooo......I'm back. Hopefully posting some knitting soon!!

I joined the Rockin Sock Club again........this year is going to be the year of color!! Woo Hoo!!! I N.E.E.D.S. me some color!!

Until next time........

I leave you with Duncan....blissfully sleeping away with the total abandonment that only a puppy can!!


Sara said...

Glad you're back. Sorry for your losses. (hugs)

Duncan is a doll! (Despite his desire to chew socks.)

Christy said...

So glad to see you back :) So sorry for all your losses. Your new puppy will keep you on your toes! :) I finally feel like knitting too. Socks...of course! Stay warm!

sprite said...

Duncan is adorable. Congratulations on adding him to your family.

Yarn Miracle said...

There you are! I've been checking on you every now and then to make sure my feed isn't broken.

A lot can happen in half a year. I am sad about Max, but happy that Duncan has found a home.

I also can't wait for you to show me the color!

Bubblesknits said...

It's a post!!! OMG! /faints/ LOL

Glad to see you updating again! Love the picture of Duncan sleeping. :D

elizabeth said...

Darlene! You have been missed!!! So glad that you're back, and look at you - teaching knitting classes! You go, girl!

grace said...

Glad you're back! The puppy is absolutely adorable! I'd steal him, but I think I'll wait until you're done potty training. :)