Thursday, September 10, 2009

What You See is NOT What You Will Be!!

Soooo......I did my gauge swatch.....(which I hate doing)

I made many stops along the way and measured....

What I FAILED to do was stop and try on along the way.......and while my measurements are right on target, it is simply too short for me!! I am only 5' 2"!!

In looking at the picture on the pattern the model is definitely smaller in the bust than I am, BUT....the length is most definitely longer than the length called for in the pattern and I can't fathom that my bust size would shorten the overall length of the sweater
THAT much!!'s off to the frog pond, glad I was excited to try on prior to wasting time with the sleeves.

I do like the basic cut of the sweater and will reknit but when it gets to the point where I am to bind off I'll try on and continue knitting till it at LEAST hits my waist rather than barely underneath the bust.

Oh well......Saturday plans include finishing season one of this will be perfect knitting for that!! I'll also be casting on with some BEAUTIFUL denim blue sock yarn that someone oh so special gifted me....along with YUM..........POUND CAKE.......YUM!!!!!!!!!


Bubblesknits said...

Just sent you a email yelling DON'T FROG IT! lol Can't we think of some way to save it or fix it?

And save me a piece of that pound cake!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Darlene. Is it top down? I think you have to frog the ribbing and make it longer. You could cut off the ribbing and graft it back on-eeeww.

Doogle Knits said...

I think this sweater can be saved! Have you given up farming? We miss seeing over at Farm Town.