Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Socks, Socks and MORE!!

Woo HOO......it is Halloween Week!!!

I LOVE Halloween!!!! Unfortunately, living out as we do, we don't get any Trick Or Treaters!! We used to get TONS of kids when we lived in a sub-division....sure do miss it!!!

SOOOO.......I do a bit of decorating for my own personal enjoyment, buy our favorite candy, pop Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin disc in and call it Halloween!! LOL!! (We watched the original Halloween a few nights ago). FAVORITE cheesy Halloween Movie!!! LOL!!!

I finished the Hedgerow socks....(note these are the ones by Jane Cochran, you can find the Ravelry link here) Super easy to knit!!

Socks for my sister......this is the Spring Forward Pattern from Knitty, knit with STR yarn.....and in my usual fashion have NO clue what I did with the ballband. I believe this is the Socktopus, but not positive.

AND.........Birthday gift from my sweet sister arrived!!!! YIPPEE!!!!

The same sister that doesn't knit, doesn't know a knit from a purl.....yet she heard me talking about a Woolee Winder, contacted Cindy unbenownst to me to find out about them!!

I have a knitting project I am finishing up (hopefully in a couple of nights)....and then I am going to start spinning.

My wheel is a double drive wheel. Once I got everything "set" on it I have not had to adjust again, no matter if the bobbin is at the beginning, the end or plying!! My single drive Ashford wheel has scotch tension and I adjust regularly while spinning.....but it isn't a problem to adjust and I don't mind at all. It is all part of the process and I love them both!!

I have read a lot of opinions on the Woolee Winder and from what I have read, the scotch tension or single drive wheels require a bit of adjustment as the fiber pulls differently than with a regular flyer. What I have researched about the DD wheels has been very positive so I am VERY excited to get started!!!!


elizabeth said...

A woolie winder! That is so awesome!!!

tonni said...

Yippee! You will love the woolie winder. It's the only way to ply :)

Anita said...

We usually don't get any trick or treaters either.... I miss that.

A Woolie Winder! What a great present!!!

sydney said...

Oh a woolie winder! What a nice gift!

We get tons of trick or treaters. So many that we often have to go out for more candy. I love it though.

Suzanne B said...

The socks look AWESOME!!

And what a great sister!!!

Bubblesknits said...

Those look great! You'll have to let me know how you like the Woolie Winder. :-)

wendy g said...

Beautiful socks! A woolie winder- how exciting.