Monday, October 27, 2008

Awwwww.........Wendy awarded me with the I Love Your Blog Award!!!

Ahem.........I would like to thank the Acadamy...(oh wait....that's not right).

THANK YOU WENDY for the honor!!! Your blog was one of the first ones that I found and have been hooked ever since!!!! It is always a treat to see the beautiful photographs you take as well as your AWESOME knitting skills!!!!!!

Now....I must choose 4 blogs!! That is TOUGH...there are SOO many great blogs!!!

1. Yarn Miracle: Emilys blog is THE very first knitting blog I found online.....and I have been bugging her ever since!!! LOL!!! I was a new knitter and spent HOURS going through her archives, drooling over all her fabulous knitting.....and dreaming of the day I could knit such beautiful sweaters!!! (Still dreaming)!!

2. Deep Fried Kudzu: This is THE blog to go to for what is going on around Alabama (and around the South).... Ginger has THE sweetest little boy and just had baby boy number 2 Friday!!!!!! Ths blog should come with a will be hooked and want to create her crafts, recipes as well as take to the road for travel!!

3. PJBKNIT: Paula is another one of those knitting blogs that inspires me to knit!!! LOVE all her wonderful knitting!! Such a variety of projects with just the right amount of "life" thrown in for good measure!!!

4. Alabama Fiber Dreams: Come on....have you read this post??? LOL!!! Jessi does EVERYTHING.....and sometimes all at once!!! Always fun to see what is going on at Chez AFD!!! GREAT knitter, spinner, dyer and crafter of the BEST, lightweight, stitchmarkers!!!!

Ohhh.....but 4 isn't enough!!!! I feel like I am being disloyal to all the others in my Favorites File!!!! There is Elizabeth, Tonni, Grace, my list goes on and ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Emily said...

Aww! Thank you and I've always thought of it as "cultivating a relationship" not bugging!

Look at all the Alabama knitters on your list - it is really something to be a part of such a rich, vibrant and talented community.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Darlene! I am glad you read my blog. DH says I have too many puppy photos. Hope to meet you in person some day! Did you finish that sweater?

Bubblesknits said...

Aww...thanks! I hate to tell you...all that energy to do things comes in very sporadic bursts. lol

sydney said...

Congrats! Much deserved too!

tonni said...

Blog stalking is one of my favorite exercises :) There is no way I could choose just four either! Enabling is what we need to call it instead of blogging!