Monday, March 24, 2008

Out With The New, In With The NEWER New!!!!

WARNING: Woman On A Mission/Rant/Public Service Announcement, WHATEVER...... Long Post!!!!

This is what I bought 17 months ago,..........and was quite happy with until:

I stupidly moved the passenger seat back and everything in the car shorted out, had to be towed to the dealership......

Even after the oil plug came out (cross-threaded incorrectly by that friendly "electronic" robot that builds cars)...while driving down the interstate, but with the built in safety feature that holds a bit of oil in reserve so you don't burn up the motor (thank you very much)......but prevented me from realizing anything was wrong until I pulled into my basement and smoke comes pouring...and I DO mean pouring from the car, causing much stress as I was afraid I had another "short" in the electrical system and my car was on fire!

Then there was the time I got out of the car and the dash and dome lights stayed on for...well I'm not exactly sure how long.....I finally went to bed....but the battery was dead the next day.

But the love stopped when I pulled into the basement Thursday night and the ENTIRE electrical system went bonkers, even turning off the car and removing the key didn't slow it down a bit!! It would have been an AWESOME scene in some poltergeist movie, all the inside and outside blinking lights was quite impressive!! LOL!!

My husband decided to disconnet the battery but the battery was sizzling and oozing the contents of itself all over the place so we slammed the hood and hoped for the best.

After a sleepness night Thursday night (I was afraid something would spark and burn my house to the ground....oh...forgot to mention the car wouldn't go in gear so we COULD get it out of the house in case of fire either). I decided the love affair was over.....NO more had your 3 chances and it is SOOOO OVER!!!!!!!

After two full days of "discussions", the Dealership saw things my way, paid off my car, will have it towed (where by their own admission will repair and put on their lot to sell or trade with another dealership....... ultimately selling to some unsuspecting person which is SOOOOOO wrong).....sold me a new car for pretty much the same price I paid for the old more for my money this time around....pays to do your homework and go in with documentation to back it up ladies....these guys just THINK we ladies are an easy sell!!!! Could be the knitting throws them off!! Hee! Hee!

I do like this car, but I don't like change....I like things simple and this car is SOOOO not simple.

I feel as though a training class should have been included just to operate it!! LOL!!!

I reached up to adjust the mirror to night driving and no little thingy to flip the just "knows" when it is night and when a car gets within a certain range something changes and the back windshield will turn green......reminds me of a story I had to read in 2nd year English/Lit....about a futuristic house that was all "electronic" and could sustain itself on it's own.... Come to think of it.....the end of the story wasn't a good one......GULP!!!! And now the cars can do all this stuff without your input at all!!!

LAWZY.....what's this world coming to!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know....I'm showing my age!!!

I think some enterprising company should create a car that has doors that must be locked and unlocked with a key INSERTED in the door lock (gasp), windows that roll down with a crank knob (how CRUEL).... mirrors that must be adjusted by hand, (remember that feeling of having to roll down your window while going 60 miles and hour and adjust your side mirror.....while trying to maintain the integrity of your hair "do"??) LOL!!!

A car that requires a MECHANIC to fix anything that goes wrong........NOT ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS and a computer!!!

Such a company would make a KILLING I'm telling you!!!! Every old pooh like me would be lining up to get there name on the list! AND all the investors would be RICH, RICH, RICH I tell ya!!! SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

OH......and if you find yourself contemplating the purchase of a 2006 Honda Accord EXL in the Carbon Bronze Purl color any time in the near future from Precision Honda in Jasper, Alabama, or in ANY STATE (because they trade off with each other).......let me know.....I have the VIN number....might be able to save you some trouble!!

I don't want something for nothing.....I'm like the Dyson commercial.....I just think things should work right!!!!!!

O.K. WHEW....glad I got that off my chest......I feel ALL better now!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather said...

I am cracking up. I drive a ten year old, beat up, manual drive, no power windows, I love it to death, never once broke down, Saturn. My husband wants to sell it and buy a fancy new family sedan. I sure will miss having a car I actually had to operate! Must be a control issue.

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

I got ya beat Heather....the car I got rid of to buy the Accord was a 15..yes FIFTEEN year old car!!! LOL!!! Tell your husband he better hold on to it...unless he is by chance an electronics engineer!! LOL!!!!!

Keri said...

I completely agree with you! I want some early 70's car that I can fix myself. No real electrical crap, no computer - easy peasy. Now if I could only reliably find the parts for it, I'd totally go for it. My dad can build a car from complete scratch but cannot work on anything new. Crazy!

Bubblesknits said...

Believe it or not, I know the English/Lit story you're talking about! LOL

I'm so glad that they made things as right as they can be. And you'll get the hang of the new version. :-)

grace said...

Yikes! I hope you get along with your new car MUCH better!!

sydney said...

Eeek! I hope this car works out better. I had my previous car for 15 years. It had power windows but that's about it. My new car has the automatic door lock thingy and dash lights that sense when it goes dark. I set off the panic button at least once a day, and I've had it for several months now. LOL!

Milly said...

I know exactly what you mean. I refuse to buy a car that I can't at least change the oil myself! My newest car is a 2004 but it doesn't have the bells and whistles and I can do most of the stuff myself to it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but can it talk to you? heehee. I am on my third Accord. I love it, but I feel like I am in a Star Trek episode! I am going to have to read the owner's manual-did you get the DVD? I have yet to use the navigation system-too busy playing with Bluetooth. Oh man, I drove my Accord at night for the first time Monday-uh where is the mirror thingy? It switched itself. My Honda salesman knows that I know about as much as he does about my car... And he always comments on my knitting in the waiting area. "Is there anything else you would like to know about the Accord?" I asked him. Even the 2nd Honda dealer I went to could tell that, LOL!

Katie said...

Hey Darlene!

My mom just got a new 2008 Honda Accord last December and she LOVES IT! The change might take awhile to get used to...but you will LOVE it too!!! The only thing was that one week my mom was going out of town and she took my car (2003 Ford Focus) to the airport and I got to drive the new car. Well during that time, I was driving it and got into an accident. 2000 dollars is fixed and like new!!! But you will love it!!


Hope to see you soon at In The Making!

Holly said...

It's pretty but so was the old one when it wasn't possessed I guess. I know the feeling with car trouble.

LizW said...

I'm so sorry to hear you had car troubles! I have a Honda van, it's six years old and I still love it.

I think I know that story, too. Isn't it "There Will Come Soft Rains" by Bradbury? It is one that sticks with you.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

WOW, how'd I miss this "Horrifying" story? DH is looking for a new car and I'll make sure it's not your old one. Talk about possessed, whew.

Anonymous said...

wow thats quite a smart car you've bought! I'd feel the same way though. Where's the training class! Yikes! Oh the flip side its sooooo so purty!

snowbird said...

I would have asked for another car too! That car was doomed from the start! Wishing you much safer driving with the new wheels!