Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monkeys and a Mystery!!

Actually there are TWO Mysteries!!!

One Monkey has Purls....One Monkey Doesn't.......or DOES it????????? Hmmmmmm??????

Socks on the left are the regular Monkey Socks, knit with Cherry Tree Hill from my sweet friend Ginger.

Socks on the right are the NO PURL Monkey Sock, knit with Sunshine yarn, Cherry Blossoms color way. Not enough difference in my opinion to justify purling!!! What do you think???


Despite all the deterrents I could think of Bella continues to sit in the kitchen window on a regular basis....pretty much every day at about the same time when the sun is typically shining and the ledge is nice and toasty warm....(today is overcast).

I keep a bottle of Lysol kitchen disinfectant on the counter by the paper towel dispenser as a permanent fixture and give everything a good cleaning once her Highness has finished with her sunbath.

Apparently, Miss Bella decided to be quite the helpfull little kitty today.....see how she pulled all the towels from the dispenser...... I guess she couldn't figure out how to work the spray bottle.!!! LOL!!!!

Looks like I'll have to give an in-service....I'll let you know if she learns to "do windows"!! LOL!!!


grace said...

Both pairs of socks are gorgeous!

As for Bella, I think she was just getting the paper towels ready for you for the post kitty clean up. ;-)

Emily said...

I can't really tell the difference from here. Does Bella like to unwind toilet paper too?

Bubblesknits said...

I wonder if there are any other No-Purl versions of her patterns? hmmm....

If I had a windowsill that big, I'd have *3* cat butts to clean up after. LOL

Becky said...

I can't tell the difference either! But both are really pretty.

I loved that window in your kitchen too when I was there. I don't blame them for loving it also. The paper towel thing is too funny.

Sydney said...

Someone else had mentioned no-purl Monkeys and I noticed the same thing. LOL at Bella! She said she couldn't work the spray bottle so the least she could do is get the paper towels out for you. :) Now just hope she doesn't notice the toilet paper.

Bibby said...

Your socks are INCREDIBLE!!! I don't see a difference at all.

That's one smart cat!!!

tonni said...

You can't blame Bella for picking that window to sit... it DOES have the biggest window sill in the house, does it not? If you can teach her how to clean up, i'll send Kiki and Zoe to you to train!

I can't tell the difference in the two monkey patterns... will definitely have to try the no-purl version!

elizabeth said...

Mack is ALWAYS on the countertops - anywhere he's not supposed to be. It's okay unless there's something sticky on the counter and then he leaves a bit of hair behind...possibly behind hair. Yuck!