Monday, February 11, 2008

STUCK on Socks and the May Day Sock Swap!!

I can't seem to get past this whole "sock thing" I have going on......I am obsessed with socks of late!!! I have spent untold hours on ravelry looking at all the socks!!!

Going through my sock yarn stash....dreaming of the next socks to knit (which is going to be the Monkey socks with the Cherry Tree Hill that Ginger gave me).

SO many potential socks to knit!!!!

I have not spun at ALL since the January spin in....and hated that I wasn't able to join everyone on Sunday...I know they had a GREAT time!!! How could you NOT?? LOL!! are my socks:

K3,P1 rib
Size One Circular

Magic Loop Method

Yarn: Socks That Rock
Color: Hollydays

Thermal sock pattern

K2,P2 for two rows
K one row
P one row

Size Two Circular
Magic Loop Method

Yarn: Jitterbug
Color: Toscana

Note: This particular pattern needed to be knit with a size one....quite stretchy!!

K3, P1 Rib

Yarn: Socks That Rock

Color: Titania

AND.....I have cast on for the Monkey Socks

AND.....a pair of socks for my DH!!!

And because the above isn't enough I joined the May Day Sock Swap!!!


grace said...

Wow. You weren't kidding! You are sock-lific!

Bubblesknits said...

Holy cow! That's a lot of socks! I love the colors in them, too.

Christy said...

What, are we in a race? I've done three pairs in two and a half weeks. :) I've cast on for another some really obnoxious STR!

elizabeth said...

You're a sock-aholic! And you've completed pairs too, I'm really impressed!

tonni said...

Very impressive!! Having a hard time myself picking out yarn and pattern for the may day sock swap. With ALL the sock yarn in my stash, I don't think any of them would work for my pal. Have been perusing the patterns and yarns for days and can't come up with anything!

Cindy said...

I wish I could knit socks as fast as I spin. I've got to start making something with all this yarn I've spun. I can NOT tear myself away from this wheel. Your socks look great. I'm still one socking it.

Karen said...

Wow, you really are on a sock kick! All of your finished pairs look great!

Sydney said...

Whoa you're becoming a sockaholic. :) They're all very nice socks. The first ones are my favorites.

Emily said...

You are really cranking those out! May need to change the name of your blog to "Sock Knitters Anonymous."

dishcloth pal said...

Very impressive and pretty socks!! You've defintely been
Have fun with the sock swap, I've heard those usually are fun. Enjoy!

Lynne said...

And we are certainly glad you joined us for our May Day Swap! Keep 'em coming!

Gnat said...

wow...those are a lot of great socks!!! Great job!!