Sunday, February 03, 2008

I Got An Email From BRAD PITT....and you can too!!

OMG....I got an EM from Brad Pitt.....if you are female and breathing you can't TELL me that you don't think Brad Pitt know.......HOT.....or at the very LEAST....he is cute....and I GOT AN EM FROM HIM!!!

Are you jealous??? Come on...... you KNOW you ARE!!! Want your VERY OWN EM from Brad Pitt??? Come KNOW you do.

O.K. All fun aside for a minute!

I know that there are a zillion charities around that tug on the heartstrings of so many, myself included! It is hard to have to pick and choose when there are so many in need.

I knew from talking to Christy (of Hurricane Sock Swap Fame) a couple of weeks ago that she was going to be a featured guest on the Ready, Set, Knit podcast to promote raising money to build homes in the lower 9th ward in Louisiana following the massive destruction from Hurricane Katrina. Christy did a GREAT job on the podcast and a GREAT job on providing information on donating to this project. PLEASE click on Christy's link to read her entire post.

In a Nutshell:

Christy's challenge is to ALL knitters to assist by donating, of course as much or as little as you can afford, and as OFTEN as you would like....but in essence if everyone that reads this would pass this information on to their friends and relatives and donated the equivalent of a skein of sock yarn......maybe once a month until Hurricane Season ends that we , the knitting community at large could raise enough money to build a house, to provide a home for a deserving family. There are several different teams participating in this challenge....Christy's is cleverly named "The House That Yarn Built".

Would it not be just AWESOME to know that by donating the equivalent of a skein of sock yarn we could build a house??????? (are you giving up yarn purchases for Lent?? Wondering how you are going to handle the about every time you feel the need to buy yarn you make a donation??)

Here is the link to the team home page, be sure to click on The House That Yarn Built to be sure your donation is credited correctly!!

Go HERE to read Christy's post for additional information on Project Make It Right 9'll get an EM from Brad!!!! What MORE could you ask for??????


Suzanne B said...

Ohh, Brad in Legends of the still my heart!!

Sydney said...

What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow.....I'm sure Bill Gates would be surprised to hear your view....considering how many BILLIONS of dollars he has given to charities not to mention all the foundations he has started!!

The world indeed is screwed up but if you spend a little time looking up rather than at the bad side of everything you MIGHT just see that there is indeed some good in the world!!!!