Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm Gonna Be Spinning.....SOON!!!!

I have been going NUTS wanting a spinning wheel.....I have never spun yarn but for some strange reason I have just not been able to let go of this!!! It has hounded me till I have finally given in.......I BOUGHT A SPINNING WHEEL!!! Oh...somebody pinch me so I'll know it's real!!!
I had a very small budget...did WAYYY too much research but finally decided that for the money, options and resale value the Ashford Kiwi would fit my requirements....all but in the looks department that is.
I would have LOVED to have a traditional style wheel. but I know for longevity (specifically my back)...I needed a wheel that would allow me to have the flyer situation directly in front of me, no twisting allowed thank you very much AND a wheel that would fit my VERY limited budget and apparently in the scheme of spinning wheels I have Champagne taste on a very cheap beer budget!! LOL!!
I made this purchase quite on impulse late last night from an Ashford dealer that sells on Ebay. He has a 100% customer satisfaction rating for several years so I felt confident that I would be treated fairly.
The gentleman selling the wheel could NOT have been nicer....he offered his toll free number with unlimited assistance. He specifically told me that he didn't care if it was 6 months from now that if I had any questions or concerns that I was to call him and that the only "stupid" questions were the ones NOT asked.....gee....wish I could get such wonderful service at other places!!!!!
He told me he has helped many new customers to get started spinning with his instruction via the phone or the internet. His main goal he said was to be sure his customers learn to spin and that they grow to love the craft as much as he does!! How could I go wrong??? Bob...I don't know ya...but I love ya.....You Da MAN!!!!!!!!!
I got the New Ashford Kiwi wheel with 2 year warranty
Ashford Niddy Noddy (not sure what this is all about but I guess I'll learn) LOL!!!
One Pound of Corriedale wool ready for spinning
Upgrade kit for spinning at higher speeds
Lazy Kate
AND Free Shipping!!
ALL for the retail price of the wheel!!!!!
Shipped out today and H.O.P.E. to have it delivered Friday!!!!!
Now...if I can only talk my DH into selling everything and moving to a sheep farm......Waaa! Haaa! Haaa! I'm Dreaming BIG time here!!!!!!!! Or is that Hallucinations from lack of sleep due to spinning wheel excitement??? LOL!!! Sorry all the text is running together on this post....for some reason Blogger doesn't like line breaks today!!


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I see you flying high and I don't blame ya. Whoopee, a spinning wheel. I would love this very one indeed ... for the amount of room it doesn't take up, haha. My DH has been very afraid of me breaking down & buying one of these. He says the next step would be getting sheep ... and that's where he defiantly puts his foot down with a NO. Haha.

elizabeth said...

What IS it with these husbands and the sheep-hating?!?! I am SOOO happy for you, girl! You're gonna love it! I'm going to send you a ton of links for your information overload!

clothesknit said...

Congrats! And btw, my hubby is ready to pack up and buy a sheep farm so if you'd like him to talk to your hubby I'd be happy to oblige :o)

Jennifer said...

If your hubby won't move you to a sheep farm, I'm only a few doors down from a huge Alpaka farm. Maybe we can get them to lend you a fleece or two. = )Happy spinning!

Paula said...

Have fun. I am waiting for retirement to take up spinning. Looks like too much work and time away from knitting to me. My DH hates sheep too.

Emily said...

ooooooo aaaahhhh

I hope it gets there on time! I wanna see some yarn!

Beck said...

Oh my goodness! Well you are something girl. Just full of surprises! Congrats on taking the leap! I'm going to wait for you to learn the craft and then you can teach me! Now I just need to find the time to knit and spin.

wendy g said...

Wow, how exciting! Can't wait to see you in action.

Cookie said...




ginger said...

That is SO exciting! Ohmygoodness I am so happy for you!!